John Needs a Desk

John Parks of Hurst, Texas is the winner of's Monitor Audio Airstream WS100 Sweepstakes. The Monitor Audio Airstream WS100 are desktop speakers that receive a wireless audio signal transmitted on the 2.4GHz band via USB dongle.

John is befuddled. While he has these awesome and convenient desktop speakers, he has no desk! We do not have any desk sweepstakes coming up soon.

Congrats on your win John, and thanks for playing! Hope you find a suitable surface.

volvic's picture

He needs to get proper speaker stands first.  

funambulistic's picture

I am very excited about winning these (what I am sure are) awesome speakers and cannot wait to get a proper desk on which to set them up.

As for speaker stands, there is a method to my apparent madness: I have a two-year-old terror of a toddler and a new-born. To quell mother's anxiety, I purchased some sturdy 24" stools, mounted them with foam tape to ceramic tiles for lateral stability and secured them to the bookcase behind with a taught bungee cord. Of course, copious amounts of blu tack have been applied to keep the speakers themselves in place. Though the wee lass is discouraged from climbing, she often does when our backs are turned (she is very quick) and this arrangement has saved my speakers - and her head - from damage many times. Yeah, I've got my eye on a pair of Solid Steel's, but the price is too dear at this point...

Thank you again!

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Funambulistic, my wife has a bun in the oven and alas I think most of my gear will have to be crated and stored for a while.  I admire your ingenuity but turning your head for a split second can result in tears.  All the best, enjoy the speakers and keep the faith.