Stereophile Strategizes

So what if the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest doesn’t officially open until noon Friday? The Stereophile crew—L–R, Jason Victor Serinus, Stephen Mejias, John Atkinson, and Art Dudley—have met for an 8AM strategy session in the Marriott’s Atrium dining area. Omelets devoured and territory divided up by floor, we can finally sit back for a moment, smile, and savor our two hours before the big 11AM pre-show press unveiling of the new Wilson Audio Alexia loudspeaker.

JohnnyR's picture

Photos of the staff eating breakfast? BORING........when do we get to see photos of JA getting drunk at the bar then posting smarmy remarks back at me? Still waiting to read about all those wonderful products I just can't live without. Will Mr Serinus be gushing about the latest fad that is "oh so great" that everyone will forget about by this time next year as usual? Gosh this is going to be so swell!

Devil Doc's picture

...and yor're apt to end up smelling funny.



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I wasn't one of the old farts sitting at that table.

tmsorosk's picture

I already smell bad, so I'd love to hang with this dapper bunch of guys.