Inside the BMC AMP M1 monoblock

Wow. Here’s a look inside the 200W BMC AMP M1 monoblock ($15,580/pair), with its massive 2-kilowatt toroidal transformer.

BMC stands for Balanced Music Concept. The company was founded by Bernd Hugo and Carlos Candeias, two audio designers based in Germany. BMC’s products are designed in Europe, but manufactured in China to keep prices down. While $15,580 is a lot of money for most anyone, BMC products contain a number of interesting design quirks, including modular construction for easy upgrades, Superlink signal transmission mode which “skips any coding process” and is said to create a wider soundstage with increased detail resolution, and Digital Intelligence Gain Management which eliminates the need for a preamplifier and allows a DAC to connect directly to an amplifier.

Whatever. Just look at the amp’s innards. The level of construction and detail look heroic! I wouldn’t want to make one of these things, but listening to it sure was fun.

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I got to speak with Carlos for quite a while on Saturday. I was highly impressed with Carlos' in depth knowledge on all things audio. B.M.C. gear is no doubt one fine piece of audacious audio.

The German made Lansche speakers made some beautiful music as they were being fed by B.M.C monos.

Cosmetically, the preamp and dac somewhat resemble the Spectral gear.

Mark Evans