The Human Side of the Pacific Audio Fest

Spied in the hallway the night before the show opened was Lou Hinkley, PAF co-organizer (with Gary Gill of the Capital Audio fest). Since Lou also owns/designs WA State-based Daedalus Audio's speakers and will be running that room, who knows what shape he'll be in by end of Day 3. But when I discovered him at 6:30pm, he let on that assisting/troubleshooting/and reassuring exhibitors on the day before was one of the most humbling experiences of his life.

Meanwhile, exhibitors were managing to keep their smiles amidst the heat. Spotted in pre-name tag, box-loading mode were Jim Thompson of Eggleston Works (left) and Erik Wrolson (right) of Reference Audio in Bellingham, WA. Yet another reason to travel up north and discover new areas of the PNW.

Then there's moi, happy to cover my fourth audio show in four consecutive months. Most people, however, will experience me unobtrusively disguised as a cross between a platypus and a space being (above). Covering all 52 rooms is beyond the reach of both platypi—are there even such creatures as platypi?—and so-called aliens. So expect a focus on premieres, local dealers and manufacturers, and some very exciting long-established and newcomer brands. How many, we shall find out soon enough.

Hope to see you here.