The Hounds of Content

Turning a corner at the fairly massive South By Southwest Trade Show, I was confronted by the happy puppy of marketing which seems highly appropriate.

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Time to invent a separate internet for sharing actual information.


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I largely blame "social media", and how gullible folks are in submitting themselves to such a commercial sandbox. However, for "most" internet users, including young people, social media IS the internet (they don't understand the difference).

Even with the "standard" web it is amazing what I have to do to my browser so that I can get to "actual information". Ad blockers, video blockers, script blockers, etc. etc. HTML 5 brought back the "pop up" and extension creators can't seem to keep up. I used to regularly visit several web sites that are now essentially video and pop up sites and they have lost me - and my eyeballs on their formally unintrusive advertisements.

Hint to all commercial companies who have a web presences (i.e everybody). Fire 2/3 of your "marketing" team today before they ruin your company :)

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I pretty much agree with you. Most of what's out there is nonsense, a bunch of overly-entitled millenials and hipsters who think they've invented the universe single-handedly.

But then, I'm a bitter old white guy with 45 years' experience. What the hell do I know? ;->

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It's not what you know, it's what your liver knows.

Hope to see you in Newport!

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What simple webpage involves all the following tracking and ad sites? (And it's partial.)

Hint: The page was about a marketing dog.