Hitting Newsstands & Mailboxes This Week: Our May Issue

Spring may be a little late arriving this year, to judge from the weather in New York, but the May issue is on its way to subscribers, newsstands, and tablets. Featuring Bowers & Wilkins' impressive 702 S2 speaker on the cover, which is reviewed inside by Kal Rubinson, this issue features reviews of amplifiers from Luxman, Mark Levinson, NAD, and Parasound; phono cartridges from Soundsmith and Audio-Technica; an intriguing NOS DAC from HoloAudio; Art Dudley on a DeVore Fidelity speaker; and, believe it or not, a smartphone that offers both hi-rez and MQA playback.

Speaking of MQA, Jim Austin continues his series of articles examining aspects of this controversial codec, while the issue kicks off with "Smart Devices, Stupid People," a guest editorial from industry insider Bill Leebens,

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I haven't even finished the April issue.

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B&W 702 S2 gets only 3 Woofers on the Left Channel, hmm.
Why not have them balanced or are they for crazy shaped rooms?
I've sold tons of the B&W 802 series with and without their hoods, I don't think these new designs will build Sales Confidence at Best Buy. Ohhhhhhh Welllllll.......

Tony in Michigan

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It's a weird photo angle.

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May Issue of Stereophile gotta be a MUST read.

We finally find out if the Smart Phone can be a high-performance front end for a hi-fi system.

Is LG the 21st Century LINN ?

A thrilled with anticipation...

...Tony in Michigan

ps. how do I pause this thing to take a call ?, Can it play music while I'm cooking a recipe ? and so much more

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Can Blue Tooth send Hi Rez or MQA to a DAC/speaker?

Josh Hill's picture

No, Bluetooth doesn't have sufficient bandwidth. You might want to check out Chromecast Audio.

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...looking forward to the wise words of the giants writing for the S-file.

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As long as you can look past it being digitally-compressed audio... So, no turntables this issue? Ho-hum.

Anton's picture

Just be thankful that the era of all Musical Fidelity all the time is past.

Or did I just jinx it?

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I hear they are coming out with a Nu-Vista turntable... No, not really, but I am curious how they keep selling the Nu-Vista line when the specific NOS tube was purportedly of "extremely limited quantity" (which, of course, made them VERY exclusive) like 20 years ago.

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Quite an article. I've used LG phones for 5 years & just about time for a new one. No contest which one I'll be buying.

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I read online this morning that Stereophile has been sold as part of a magazine company merger and that a few of the regular writers have been let go.

Before I renew my subscription that just lapsed can you provide more details?