Hi-fi Hootenannies at Whetstone Audio

Look eye! Always look eye!

Friday, December 2, 6–9pm: Whetstone Audio (2401 East 6th Street, #1001, Austin, Texas) will host an evening of music with Bob Clarke of Profundo (Heed, Transfiguration, VivA, Trenner & Freidl, Silent Source) and Colleen Cardas of Colleen Cardas Imports (Unison Research, Opera Loudspeakers).

Brian Di Frank of Whetstone Audio says this is just “the first of many hootenannies” and he offers a warm invitation:

Here’s the deal. Many folks are buying turntables now and really don’t know much about them. There is also a big interest in computer-based audio and, I’ll admit, it’s daunting with all the geek speak. What I want to do is start having these evenings once a month to educate and raise awareness. That $99 USB turntable you picked up at Waterloo Records was a great first step. If you want to see what the next step is, come to these events. Don’t be afraid! This isn’t going to be your average audiophile nerd fest. We want to collectively educate music lovers about hi-fi, spin good music, and have a great time.

Sounds like my kind of event.

Featured gear will include the Trenner & Freidl Pharoah loudspeakers and Unison Research Unico 50 hybrid integrated amplifier, both making their US debut. Guests will have the opportunity to speak with Di Frank, Clarke, and Cardas, and listen to some great music. Refreshments will be served. For more info, contact Brian Di Frank at (512) 477-8503 or (512) 784-8282.

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but I'm stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues - nay, just kidding, rather: stuck in the heart of Old Europe, but these speakers DO look fantastic (even with the Bonsai shadow mentally subtracted ...)

And then I find out that they are actually an Austrian brand, so I should be able to see and hear them eventually.

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Whoa, off of the drag and onto the pages of Stereophile! 

You go big time; GO! 

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Sounded fantastic last weekend in Vienna. The excellent sound is usual at Trenner & Friedl exhibitions, last year the highligt was the RA Box.

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I was able to attend the event and had a wonderful time. Outstanding gear, cold beer, good wine, great food, wonderful music and even better company. My highlight of the night was meeting one of my favorite bloggers, Marc Phillips (The Vinyl Anachronist,) and having an authentic lengthy conversation with both him and Colleen Cardas. This hobby of ours is so rewarding in so many different ways, but the sense and feeling of community was something I wasnt expecting. Brian (owner of Whetstone Audio) really is onto something here. I will be attending each and every hoot if possible. Cheers!