Have you listened to SACD much? What do you think about the sound?

Its future as a format may be debatable, but does SACD have the sonic goods? Have you been able to spend much time with SACD? If so, what do you think about the way it sounds?

Have you listened to SACD much? What do you think about the sound?
It's wonderful
44% (213 votes)
Pretty good
19% (89 votes)
7% (33 votes)
What's the big deal?
7% (35 votes)
Don't care for it
3% (16 votes)
Have not listened enough to have an opinion
20% (95 votes)
Total votes: 481

Tim Bishop's picture

It is very good! Not as good as vinyl, but by far the best digital I have heard.

Dave Bennett's picture

Closest thing to the LP I've heard in ages. Much better than CD and more natural than DVD-A.

Paul J.  Stiles, Mtn.View, CA's picture

New material recorded in DSD sounds wonderful. Older recordings transfered to DSD generally sound less wonderful. I am impressed enough with SACD that I have two machines that are SACD capable. Trouble is, though, that there is little new material that interests me, SACD or otherwise.

Mina Von Strasshoffer's picture

Stopped buying SACD discs and stuff. Waiting for SACD 2

Arthur J Edwards, Jr's picture

I really can't get into the technical details, because I am not an engineer. That argument is moot, anyway. Who really cares about sampling rates and so on? It's the sound, stupid! And so, I have been listening to SACD a lot, and I really love what I'm hearing. SACD has the sonic goods! I have done a lot of comparing from SACD to CD, and I much prefer the SACD sound. I prefer not compare to SACD sound to vinyl, because I do not listen to vinyl very much, and I acknowledge that my turntable and cartridge are nowhere near state of the art. But I love my SACD.

Dave's picture

Though I have not heard it, I expect it sounds great. But I don't see the support there from the record companies and therefore have not bought a player yet. If they dump this and go off chasing some other technology, I am giving up. Content delivery is too ephemeral these days. Standards don't last long enough to be worth the large investment in content I am anxious to make. I will just listen to satellite radio.

audio-sleuth's picture

Does anyone still think this or dvd-a is still going to survive. You vote with your wallet and after 4 years now can we please close the polls and move on to improve the media people buy.

Jorge Liguori's picture

The sound is fabulous but, there are not current recording, just some classic and old jazz, where is everything else???

Woody Battle's picture

For classical music and other acoustic forms of music, SACD can be a definite improvement. For most pop and rock, I hear a difference but it sounds more like a remix of the music than an improvement in sound quality.

Teresa's picture

SACD sounds almost as good as LPs, inother words it sounds more like an Analog format than a Digital one and this is a high compliment indeed! If you don't want to fiddle with LPs then SACDs are the next best thing. And remember Music is analog.

Dave R, MN's picture

Except that most of the surround sound stuff just doesn't sound right in the demos I have heard.

Douglas Henning's picture

I bought a shanling tube sacd player, and sacd sounds fantastic, it sounds so natural, and one simply get the sense that you are listening to the real thing, however the Shanling's cd replay is so good that I dont feel I am missing anything when listening to RED BOOK, so there is not a concerted effort to seek out SACD'S.

WalkerTM's picture

I have tried both a regular CD players and one of the newer combo players in my system. The combo player sounded drier more distilled in its sonic character than my antiquated CD Player. Something I noticed before at a demonstration of a combo rig and dedicated player. I also have listened to dedicated units too; that did sound good but not so good that it justifies the exhortative cost to upgrade just yet. This multi channel stuff is a joke. Very little of it is mixed by some body who understands that the orchestra and the performer is usually in front of the listener. Until things kind of flesh things out between formats where attention can be made toward a machine that does not cost a small fortune; I think I will be sticking with the CD for a while, in spite of its sonic limitations. Not to mention there is good old vinyl.

RD, Mass's picture

Still not as good as my Ultra-Analog D/A, and not even close to my analog LP setup. By the way, while Sony and others are archiving their masters sampled at 5.6 MHz, why are consumers being shortchanged with SACDs sampled only at 2.8 Mhz ? The big record companies are looking for ways to watermark their crappy sounding CDs and not-so-great-sounding SACDs. Music Industry are you listening ? First, give us -consumers- all the resolution you've got of the recording, then think of watermarking. Otherwise, don't complaint when people aren't willing to pay inflated prices for CDs, and instead choose to download the same -poor sounding- music at the price it deserves (free?).

Ole G.'s picture

Pretty good, but if people think compressed downloads are OK, I fail to see why they should wish to go from CD to SACD.

Don's picture

You do not always know if the SACD is a DSD or PCM sourced recording before you purchase the disc! PCM-sourced SACD's sound just like normal CDs. Also, there are almost no current recordings, just reissues of old recordings!

John Napier's picture

My Pioneer multi-format player retails at

TGD's picture

Far better than CD, but not good enough to bother. I will just wait for the next digital generation.

Daniel Emerson's picture

Haven't heard it and don't intend to get suckered into any of the new digital formats until I can be sure I won't end up with the 21st century's Betamax.

Stephen Curling's picture

Still saving the cash for a universal player for the main system. I'll let you know then.

Delfo's picture

SACD players sounds cd red book better than cd players now

Hortam's picture

Only heard it once

TT Wong's picture

Not all SACDs have good sound, but well-recorded music can sound wonderful through SACDs

Martin Hyland's picture

Only using a "cheap" pioneer dv565a multi disc player(

Al Marcy's picture

OK, it ain't 78, but, I like it ;)

Enzo's picture

Better than CD, worse than LP. And most of the good music (quality recordings and/or performances) are available on LP. So if my DVD/SACD player didn't have DVD, it would be in the garage with the Beta/SQ receiver/memory stick 1 reader.

SamTellig's picture

How could I spend much time with SACD? There is almost no worthwhile software.

John C.'s picture

I enjoy SACD now, and look forward to its continued improvments, as more high-end audio and record companies begin to explore its possibilites.

Anonymous's picture

I can't stand CD, and I upsample. SACD sounds more natural. ch

Mike Parenteau's picture

You still have to look long and hard for software. Not enough reasonably priced discs around yet to make the jump. Inexplicably, not even the Sony stores in the Toronto area have SACD players on display. Last year they had a few DVD/SACD combo players available at somewhat reasonable prices. This year, nothing. Whoever is in charge of marketing at Sony Canada is asleep at the wheel. I thought this was supposed to be a new format launch, yet it doesn't look like one. Very strange.