Happy Sounds

Happy Sounds? Jacintha didn't seem to be laughing her way through "Light My Fire," but the sound was definitely pleasingly smooth and solid, if a bit dry and with a grayish background. The intriguing-looking speakers were Newform Research's No Holds Barred Coaxial Ribbon LineSource ($11,400/pair). Claimed to be "the first in the world to implement a coaxial ribbon linesource configuration," they contain high-impedance, wide-dispersion, monopole ribbons.

Other components in the $25,300 system included DEQX HD-4 crossover ($5495); Oppo BDP-105 ($1199), Wyred4sound SX-500 monoblocks ($899 each), SX-1000 monoblocks ($1199 each), and m-Amp monoblocks ($4899 each); Wyred4sound music server 2TB ($2499), and four Atak Sub 12s /Crown 1000 amps ($1680 each).

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This was the first place I went right after the fire alarm/drill was finally shut off. This was one of the few rooms where they asked did bring any music they wanted to hear.

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Many exhibitors will play your music if you request it. If you don't speak up, they stick to what they believe will show their system to its best advantage. At least when they have an idea of what will show their system to its best advantage...

These days, it's always a good idea to carry your music on a zip drive as well as on CD. Fewer dealers are equipped to play files stored on your iWhatever. You can, of course, lug around vinyl as well, and hope whoever plays it doesn't drop the needle.


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That no one commented on these speakers design... and reflections the ribbon tweeters position can induce. But hey, it's from New Form Research.... crying