Graaf GM 200 OTL power amplifier Associated Equipment

Sidebar 2: Associated Equipment

Analog Source: Forsell Air Force One (footnote 1) with the vdH Grasshopper IV, Symphonic Line RG-8, and Clearaudio Insider. XLO Signature phono cable, Shun Mook and Harmonix record weights, Winds ALM-01 Arm Load Meter.
Digital Sources: Ensemble Dichrono DAC and Drive, Forsell Air Bearing transport and CD converter, YBA CD1 Blue Laser.
Preamplifiers: YBA 6 Chassis, BAT VK-5i, BAT VK-P10 phono preamp.
Power Amplifiers: Jadis JA 200s, Transcendent T8 OTL, Forsell The Statement.
Loudspeakers: Joseph Audio RM-22 and RM-50.
Cables: Bi-wire Cardas Golden Cross on the speakers, Synergistic Research Designer's Reference everywhere else, balanced and single-ended. Other interconnects: Ensemble Masterflux, Harmonix HS-101 "Harmonic Strings," MIT MI-350 Reference and Proline Reference. Power Cords: Synergistic Research's new Reference AC Master Coupler, MIT Z-Cord II, Harmonix X-DC, and Ensemble Powerflux. Digital Datalinks: Illuminati D-60 and Orchid, Ensemble Gigaflux, MIT Digital Reference and Proline AES/EBU, Harmonix Digital.
Accessories: Shun Mook Super Diamond Resonators and Mpingo Discs; Shakti Stones and On-Lines; Harmonix RFA-78 Room Tuning Devices and RF-66 Large Tuning Feet; Ensemble Power Point six-outlet star-configured power distribution unit and Isolink isolation transformer; MIT Z-Stabilizer Mk.II, Z-Center, and Z-IsoDuo; Aural Symphonics ML Bus.—Jonathan Scull

Footnote 1: As regards its undamped linear-tracking arm, in the five years I've been running this fine 'table it has never killed, maimed, mutilated, or (to my knowledge) even insulted a cantilever of any description in any of the many cartridges mounted to it.—Jonathan Scull
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