Getting the Awards Ready

The show is about to begin, and John Atkinson is getting the annual Product of the Year awards ready for handout.

Stephen Scharf's picture

Good report, so far, gents. Keep up the good work.Please be sure to cover some "budget" componentry for us mere mortals who want good sound, but can't afford more than $5000 for an entire system, for example. The Peachtree Nova should be on your list of things to check out.

Jerry's picture

The real question is, how many of these wonders of the universe will be in corporate existence 1-2 years down the road. The High End Audio Industry just doesn’t seem to have come to terms with what the reality of today is.The mortgage debacle and credit crunch that financed the range of insidiously expensive products that you insist that we can’t live without has crashed and burned. You need a reality check.You can go back to swilling your wine and watching your Frazier episodes, while the rest of us try and deal with the present.

Allan's picture

The real treat would be to get JA's impressions of the new Sennheiser HD 800 headphones...

Jason Victor Serinus's picture

John asked me to take a listen to the HD 800s. That report will probably be posted Tuesday, along with my remaining blogs. And now, to get to work.

Chen's picture

Stereophile,thanks for this CES report.Regards,Chen,Holland