Fidelity Imports: Perlisten, Unison Research, Aurender

Fidelity Imports' second room showed on passive display the latest speaker from Perlisten, the three-way S5t tower—a smaller sibling to the Perlisten S7t in the active setup (and that Kal Rubinson reviewed in December 2021, bottom photo). A (forthcoming) new Aurender A15 music server/streamer with DAC (top photo) decoding full MQA served as the source.

The S7t speakers were powered by a 150-watt (into 8 ohms) Unison Research Unico 150 integrated amplifier ($6499 silver or $6999 in black, above) with optional phono stage. Its dual-mono three-stage hybrid design uses ECC83 triodes, then 6H triodes in the driver stage, and MOSFETs for the output stage. The Perlisten S5t is to ship in about six weeks from AXPONA time. There's also a new Perlisten S4i in-wall speaker due out in about a month.