Eyes on Elipson

Like a Studebaker Avanti—or perhaps even the Concorde—the shape of an Elipson loudspeaker from 60 years ago is jarring, albeit impressively so, in its anacronicity: The French design and manufacturing firm has been ahead of the curve for that long. At SSI they had a number of fetching designs on static display, including the Planet L seen here, a two-way coaxial design that's now manufactured in China. For 2013 a pair of Planet Ls can be bundled with a similarly stylish (round, of course) amplifier/CD player for $2500, with stands adding another $300.

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To bad the Plant L were on static display.  As aesthetically attractive, they sound equally as good.  The mentioned round player is the ‘Music Center’ which beautifully incorporates a CD player, FM radio, connectivity for a sub and a hard drive.  Plus included in the bundle is a dongle that you can stream any music from your computer or an optional dongle that can be used for you Ipad, Ipod touch or Iphone.

The amplification is a B&O ICEpower module.  We have been a dealer for close to a year and everyone loves the system.  To find out more check us out at http://www.sightandsoundgallery.com/audio.php