Endow Audio T35 Speaker, Hegel H590 Integrated Amplifier, VAC Sigma 170i Integrated Amplifier

Offering a "sneak preview" before the official debut at AXPONA 2020, Endow Audio introduced the latest iteration of its speaker, the piano-black T35 ($19,900), a two-way with a patent-pending Point Array and a 12-inch woofer. It may be rather otherworldly in appearance (grilles are included) but rather unique in its approach. Basically, it consists of an array of nine full-range 3" drivers configured with a single 8" loading driver to create a point source. The woofer takes over frequencies at 100Hz (and below) via an inboard passive crossover. The T35 also contains patent-pending Passive Signal Processor (PSP) technology.

The speaker was demonstrated in a system with two integrated amplifiers, one tube-based and the other solid-state-the VAC Sigma 170i and the Hegel Music Systems H590, respectively. You can bi-wire and/or bi-amp the speaker, and the Point Array can be powered either by the same amplification as the woofer or by a different amp. The amount of power needed depends to some extent on room size.

I was pressed for time that Sunday afternoon but the little bit of playback I heard seemed impressive in its coherence and dispersion-and I was standing very much off-axis, right beside the speaker (in the same plane) and a few feet away from it. I guess that's the primary point source idea!

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That Endow Audio T35 speaker certainly deserves a review by Stereophile :-) .......

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It would be interesting to compare the Endow Audio speakers with Polk Audio Legend SDA-PRO L-800 speakers ($6,000/pair) :-) .........

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...to compare a free digital Stereophile's comments section over-run by endless demands for content on stuff the commenter has zero interest in ever using with another where readers have the decorum and good form to simply thank the editors for providing what they have.

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I feel like Oliver Twist ....... "Please Sir, I want some more" :-) ........

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... the "commenter" can't properly gauge his "interest in ever using" certain "stuff" until a review of said "stuff" has been published.

In turn, the magazine may not realize that there is a demand for a particular piece of "stuff" to be reviewed unless the "commenter" makes that request known.

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I'd be afraid that speakers going to bore through my walls.

Cheers George

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We are talking about putting speakers in a room, hooking them up to various electronics, and then listening? So, what is the difference between a "sneak preview" and "an official debut?"

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Endow Audio top model FS301 was shown in RMAF 2019 ........ JVS mentions about them in his show report :-) ........

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JVS said FS301 'blew his mind' :-) ........