Dynamic Contrasts

Dynamic Contrasts manufactures the RTS Racking System, an equipment-support system that squeezes the bad vibes out of your gear. Okay, so that’s my interpretation but if you want to know what they’re talking about, I’d recommend a visit to their website. A three-shelf RTS Racking System will run you $12,900 and each additional shelf adds $2200. It's difficult to see in this picture (you can see part of an empty rack on the right side in front of the speaker), but this rack is very unconventional and instead of having support shelves, it has support arms that clamp your gear in place. So in effect, your gear is not "sitting," it's being gripped in place. Sort of like a medieval kind of rack.

Dynamic Contrasts was using PBN Montana loudspeakers, an Esoteric UX-3SE universal player, Audio Horizons TP2.1 preamp, and NuForce amps to show off their rack. However, without the benefit of a contrast, with and without the rack, I’m not sure how I’d be sure what to attribute to the rack. Which is really not the kind of demo you want to be dealing with at a hi-fi show, ie, one without music playing.

I gave these guys the best lighting effects award!

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1- totally overpriced

2- kinda hard to use my turntable when the platter is gripped

3- kinda hard to see it holding my heavy mono block tube amps (due to weight and lack of gripping positions)

4- kinda unstable if I live in a place of sesmic activity

5- kinda hard to use with my toploading CD player


summary: overpriced and very limited in application.

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Most confusing website ever. Lots of talk but can't get a handle on the actual product. Seems like lots of smoke and mirrors.

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The one thing that wasn't smoke and mirrors was the price.  We were told this system would go for $15,000.  That was when you saw everyone slowly back out the door.

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Mr Big is right, most confusing website; what does the thing look like and how does it work and how does it support the gear?

At $15,500 it is ridiculously overpriced. That's more an a pair of C-J LP140M monoblocks, fer crissake. 

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I visited EVERY room at least once, and about a half dozen twice, or more.  Yes I had a three day pass. 

I spent the most time in this room.

This was without a doubt, for me, one of the most musically enjoyable rooms in the whole show!  The sound, and musical experience kept drawing me back.

Having read through my comments below, let me make it clear.  I have not worked in the audio industry for 30 years.  I have no financial, secondary gain, or other interest benefit from this company, or any other audio company.

This show was the most enjoyable show, for me, in more than three decades.  That includes the CES shows I worked with a small speaker company back in the late 70's, and all the publicly attended shows I have been to since.  The openness, and willingness of almost all the exhibitors (including those with $200k+ systems) to play several tracks from my compilations CD gave me something to really get my ears around, music I had heard for years on my own system, tubes and stats, and lots of other systems.

Listening to the demo music that each exhibitor had brought was enjoyable, but listening to music that I listen to regularly, really gave me a better idea of what each system could do.

I was blown away by the Dynamic Contrasts room!  As far as I know there was only one tube, no stats, and no active subs.  The imaging, separation, naturalness, and uncompressed dynamics just drew me in.  I kept coming back to listen again.  NO stats, no tubes (OK one in a $3,500 preamp), how could I be enjoying such a system?

I certainly do not mean to cast aspersions toward anyone, but I think the comments above miss the whole point.  They may just be looking down "the wrong end of the telescope".

There were other equipment stands at the show, one from Italy as I recall, that were at the same or higher price point.  And there were separate stands that the aggregate pieces would also bring to a similar price, BUT THAT IS NOT THE POINT!

The question I believe one should be asking oneself is, "If I am going to invest another $10k to $15k in my system, what will bring me the biggest, most enjoyable musical improvement, long term?"

I contend that it could very well be this rack.  Remember he was using a $3,500 preamp, and about $5K worth of SS mono blocks. 

If at all possible, before you spend that next $13k for new speakers, amps, whatever, get yourself to a demo of this rack, and just listen.   If it doesn't float your boat then don't buy it.  But don't think of it as an equipment rack.  Think of it as an integral part of your system, a component.  The best race car cannot perform well with crappy tires.  And tires that give 100,000 miles wear won't stop a car in the shortest distance, because the compound is not soft and grippy enough.  The tires are a part of the whole, as is the rack.  It is not just a pretty piece of furniture to display equipment on.

It is very likely, once you hear your system on this rack, you may not want to change any other components.

By the way, it is stable, and I believe they have mounts for both top loaders, and turntables.

OK just before I step down off the soap box, in my opinion, if your total system is in the $20k to $60k range listen to it on this $13k rack and I believe you will stop lusting for the $200k to $500k systems.  And if your system is priced in the stratosphere, put it on this rack, and find out what it can really do,