Dunlavy Audio Labs Signature SC-VI loudspeaker Specifications

Sidebar 1: Specifications

Full-range, floorstanding loudspeaker. Drive-units: two 15" long-throw paper-cone woofers, two 8" long-throw paper-cone woofers, two 5.5" plastic-cone midrange units, and one 1" silk-dome tweeter. Frequency response: 25Hz-20kHz, ±0.5dB (approx. -3dB at 20Hz). Acoustic phase response: less than +1 degrees, -2 degrees, 100Hz-10kHz. Sensitivity: 91dB/W/m (2.83V RMS). Nominal impedance: 5 ohms. Minimum impedance: 3 ohms. Maximum impedance: 7.5 ohms (including bass resonance). Radiation pattern: symmetrical in both vertical and horizontal planes. Low-frequency damping: Q = 0.6 (with initial rolloff of 6-8dB/octave). Crossover design: minimum-phase type (6dB/octave) compensated for driver response anomalies and resonance/phase variations. Harmonic distortion: less than 0.3% for an spl of 90dB at 1m for all frequencies above 40Hz. Power handling: approximately 250W peak for 10ms.
Serial numbers of units reviewed: 113-A/B (listening), 130-B (measurements).
Dimensions: 78" H by 18" W by 33" D. Weight: 530 lbs each.
Finishes available: light or black American Oak, Dalwood Rose, and Dalwood Teak (other finishes, including cherry, available by special order; Santos Rosewood available at additional cost).
Price: $24,995/pair. Warranty: 5 years limited. Approximate number of dealers: 35.
Manufacturer: Dunlavy Audio Labs Inc., P.O. Box 49399, Colorado Springs, CO 80949-9399. Tel: (719) 592-1159. Fax: (719) 592-0859. www.dunlavyaudio.com

Dunlavy Audio Labs
P.O. Box 49399
Colorado Springs, CO 80949-9399
(719) 592-1159