Dunlavy Audio Laboratories SC-IV loudspeaker System

Sidebar 1: System

Analog: Lingo'd Linn LP12 (Cirkus'd just a few days before the end of the review period), Ittok tonearm, AudioQuest AQ7000NSX cartridge. Digital: PS Audio Lambda transport, PS UltraLink processor, AudioQuest OptiLink Pro 2 ST datalink. Preamplifier: a Convergent Audio Technology SL-1 Signature, with the latest Marigo Audio Labs AC power cable (highly recommended to CAT-lovers). Power amps on hand included a pair of Bryston 7Bs, Quicksilver Silver Monos, a Luxman MQ 68C, and a Krell KSA-100S. Most of the listening was via the Bryston 7Bs and the Krell KSA-100S.

Interconnects were TARA Labs RSC Master, and Purist Audio Design Colossus Mk.II. Speaker cables were bi-wire sets of Purist Audio Colossus Mk.II, TARA Labs RSC, and DAL's own Z-8, an excellent cable whose claim to fame is a characteristic impedance of 8 ohms and the ability to reproduce 1MHz squarewaves. My listening room is provided with two dedicated AC lines; digital components were plugged into a Tice Series II Power Block. (The CAT has its own Power Block–like isolation transformer; further AC conditioning is not recommended. The tube amps sounded cleaner when plugged into the Power Block, but the Brystons and the Krell were more dynamic au naturel.)—Robert Deutsch

Dunlavy Audio Labs
Company no longer in existence (2008)