Dunlavy Audio Laboratories SC-IV loudspeaker Specifications

Sidebar 4: Specifications

Description: Three-way dynamic loudspeaker. Drive-units: 1" soft-dome tweeter, two 5½" cone midrange units, two 10" long-throw woofers. Crossover frequencies: not specified. Amplitude/frequency response: 37Hz–20kHz ±2dB, approximately –6dB at 27Hz. Phase/frequency response: ±20° from 200Hz–10kHz. Sensitivity: 91dB/W/m. Impedance: nominal 5 ohms, minimum 3.0 ohms, maximum 7.5 ohms including bass resonance. THD: ±0.3% for an SPL of 90dB (re: 1m) at all frequencies above 100Hz. Pair matching: better than ±0.5dB up to 15kHz. Power handling: peak 250W for 10ms, average (pink noise) 25W. Recommended amplifier power: minimum 100W into 8 ohms. Recommended listening distance: 8'–25'.
Dimensions: 72" H by 12" W by 18" D. Weight: 180 lbs.
Serial numbers of samples reviewed: 0158A/B, of speaker measured, 0173.
Price: $4995/pair in black or oak finish; $5495/pair in dalwood rose or dalwood teak (1994); no longer available (2008). Approximate number of dealers: 22.
Manufacturer: Dunlavy Audio Labs, Colorado Springs, CO (1994). Company no longer in existence (2008).

Dunlavy Audio Labs
Company no longer in existence (2008)