Do you listen to rap or hip-hop music?

Time to bust or confirm an audiophile stereotype: David Chesky is wondering if you ever listen to rap or hip-hop music?

Do you listen to rap or hip-hop music?
Yes quite a bit
14% (91 votes)
Yes some
16% (104 votes)
Yes, but rarely
22% (143 votes)
49% (327 votes)
Total votes: 665

Paul J.  Stiles, Mtn.  View, CA's picture

If I am at a place where it is playing, I'll listen.

Peter Washington's picture

Hey, David: Do you?

Jim Tavegia's picture

How it can be called music is beyond me. This is not even close to when my grandparents flipped over the Beatles.

Seth G.'s picture

Lauryn Hill—does that count? I'm not sure if it's rap, hip-hop, R&B or something else altogether or all of the above...but when called to, the woman can sing no question about that.

harasymchuk's picture

I am too old.

Andrew Paris's picture

I like Beastie Boys, Public Enemy, and Ice-T.

Rastanearian's picture

I test the waters every once in a while, looking for some sign of evolution or maturation, but so far no luck. I will confess to listening to electronica, house, and acid jazz as I find that to be much more entertaining.

emiser's picture

I don't like swearing, licentiousness, or stupidity so much of top 40 rap is not going to do it for me. There are some excellent artists out there though. Mars Ill, Blackalicous, Pigeon John, and Lyrics Born are among my favorites.

Epigmenio Alvarez's picture

This is not music. It's just a bunch of noise.

Luke's picture

The Sugar Hill Records Story is one of my favorite sets! Looking for the 12"s of the mixes is fun as well!

Pete's picture

3 Feet High and Rising by De La Soul is one of the most creative albums ever—the fact that it is hip hop matters not to me. There are also classics by a Tribe Called Quest and Public Enemy that find their way into the rotation now and then. Gangsta Rap does not. Word!

Scott's picture

Some music of this genre can be quite well produced and have serious artistic merit. One I really enjoy is: Spottieottiedopaliscious by Outkast. Crazy name, but a fun listen.

Jari's picture

Vinyl is made for hip-hop.

Jared's picture

Well, unless one considers Blondie's rap in "Rapture" or a couple of tracks by Massive Attack or Babble "real rap," I'd say I never listen to rap or hip-hop.

Patrick's picture

I listen to about 4-5 hours of rap per day through my B&Ws. Anything from NAS to Slim Thug.

Rich, Chicago's picture

Public Enemy has amazing lyrics and great songs. Snoop Dogg also has plenty of catchy songs that I enjoy. Other than that not much else from the genre gets my interest.

Robert's picture

Not if I can help it.

Doug Bowker's picture

Yes, but very rarely. I did like Public Enemy on occasion waaay back in the late '80s and sometimes some Eminem. Mostly, it's like most metal: For angry teens who want to fuzz the brain with noise. Just not that much there to work with.

Daniel C's picture

Well, almost "never." I probably cannot name more than a handful of rap or hip-hop recorders and would recognize fewer. Mostly I just don't "get it" as music.'s picture

I listen to all types of music, and that includes both rap and hip-hop. But only rarely.

Andy Grossman's picture

A handful of times per year. Does that count?

Tunablues's picture

I don't listen to rap on purpose, but occasionaly a rock song may have some rap added to it. But never when there is no "music" involved like most rap. Pete Townshend,s album Lifehouse elements has a version of "Who Are You" that has rap in the middle of it and is my favorite version of the song. Great album, rock, classical and folk versions of Who stuff. Recomended.

Graeme Nattress's picture

If it hasn't got a good tune, I'm not interested, no matter what the genre.

Nathan's picture

Well, once I turned to the hip-hop channel on my TV to check if my sub was working properly. That's it.

Noah Bickart's picture

Black Star

Guy La Rue's picture

Can't stand it...

Dismord's picture

No, and I don't listen to '50s white-boy rock and roll, dixieland jazz, and a whole lot of other crappy stuff. Someone's got to have good taste!

tzed's picture

The Beastie Boys' Paul's Boutique was just re-released in 24-bit remaster 20th anniversary edition vinyl and CD (free band audio commentary download included). Has it really been 20 years?! Such an amazingly great record.

George Stewart's picture

I don't consider it to be music.

Michael Chernay's picture

Absolutely. Assuming it's good music, I listen.