Do You Consider Yourself an Audiophile?

Some are afraid to admit it. Others are proud. Do you consider yourself an audiophile? Attendees, exhibitors, and members of the press are asked this very question at the New York Audio Show 2013.

Thank you to all who participated.

dalethorn's picture

I like the one guy who says "Yeah, when I have the cash."

Et Quelle's picture

If you are on this website; you probably are an audiophile. If you're system includes products from this mag or cost half what your vehicle does then, yes.

pwf2739's picture

I very much consider myself an audiophile. I will admit to spending time reading magazines, looking at web sites, reading reviews about products I will probably never purchase and working to understand how to better my system. I have traveled to audio shows and have visited dealers for product demonstrations from Wisconsin to Florida to Colorado. However, when I sit down to listen, I forget about all of that other "stuff" and just enjoy the music. Sometimes vinyl, sometimes digital- however the mood strikes. I like them both. If I am still thinking about the music long after I turn off the system then all of the other "stuff" was time well spent. Because in the end, we spend all of this money for doing just that- enjoying the music. And that makes spending the money worthwhile. 

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..a la' 12-step programs, with the speaker saying, "I'm Ariel, and I'm an audiophile".

"Hi, Ariel!"


You can't do anything until you admit it. I'm just sayin'.



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I just started reading Stereophile about 2 years ago because I wanted to know what system to get. So many choices and all of this gear is so fascinating!!


p.s. enjoyed the "are you an audiophile??" video. good stuff.