Discussing Negative Frequencies with John Atkinson and Scott Wilkinson

On Friday, October 21, Stereophile editor John Atkinson presented the Richard Heyser Memorial Lecture at the 131st Audio Engineering Society Convention, held at the Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan. A couple of days later, JA spoke with Home Theater’s Scott Wilkinson about some of the points he made during the event.

From the safety of your own home or office (without the threat of JA throwing a baseball at you or pouring a glass of water on your laptop), you can tune in to Scott’s podcast and enjoy much of what JA covered in his fascinating lecture, titled “Where Did the Negative Frequencies Go?”

Listen here.

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Thanks a million for this. Now I'm going to listen to "The Man" as he educates us. :-)


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Hi John

Brilliant and knowledgeable.

CU at CES in Las Vegas.


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Thank you, Juergen. I really wanted to dispel the too-common idea that ears are like microphones and the eyes are like cameras. What matters is that these sense organs are hooked up to an evolution-refined processing engine that is optimized to operate with partial data, and evaluation of audio components must take that into account.

John Atkinson
Editor, Stereophile

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So, in a way, our brains are applying a "floating dither algorithm" to everything we hear.

Incredible when you think of the computational horsepower required for that kind of process to be applied on the fly.