Did you find yourself buying more or less new or used vinyl in 2001 than previous years?

Did you find yourself buying more or less new or used vinyl in 2001 than previous years?
I bought a lot more vinyl in 2001
39% (137 votes)
I bought a little more
12% (44 votes)
About the same
7% (24 votes)
A little less
4% (14 votes)
A lot less
3% (12 votes)
None last year
6% (20 votes)
Haven't bought vinyl for years
22% (79 votes)
Never bought it
6% (21 votes)
1% (2 votes)
Total votes: 353

Like the gopher that just won't leave your yard, vinyl continues to thrive in spite of CD and newer formats, such as SACD and DVD-Audio. Are you still a vinyl fan?

Willis Greenstreet's picture

Probably more used than new, but still quite a bit. I must say that I am getting to the point of dimishing returns in terms of what I would like to have, but who knows what tempting discs might fall in front of me.

Don Bingaman's picture

I still like vinyl, and I have kept my VPI Mk. III to play my collection of a couple thousand LP's, however, its hard to even find new records to buy. I think mult-channel SACD is the new standard, (also hard to find), and that is the format I am planning to purchase new recordings in.

John Lendel's picture

I have rediscovered a new world of music.

Colin Paul Seah's picture

Best medium for music.

Robert G.  Raynor, Jr.'s picture

Where are albums (vinyl) sold?

Chistopher's picture

Too much work involved.

Michael J Myers's picture

Vinyl rules! There is nothing else to say. Well I'll say a little more. I received this Christmas 9 180 gram vinyl blues and jazz recordings. They sound so warm and layered, I could listen for hours. Thank you Michael Fremer and Stereophile for not letting this music source die, as so many predicted. In 1985 when they proclaimed the death of vinyl I had about 2000 record albums. Since then I have collected about 4000 more. Two years ago I purchased the wonderful Rega Planar 25 and really found out what I was missing. LONG LIVE VINYL!

Norm Strong's picture

The first CD I ever heard was of solo piano. I had never heard such freedom from wow and flutter. From that moment, I never again bought an LP.

Robert's picture

Vinyl is still my main source for music.

Bostjan Kosir's picture

Vinyl still rules! SACD is too expensive (comparied to secondhand vinyl) and I have never bought a secondhand CD, because they tend to be in vcery poor condition. So vinyl is still THE pick for me ;-)

JCS's picture

Some great releases in 2001, especially new music, not just new old releases.

Jim Tavegia's picture

I will buy even more in 2002. No SACD or DVD-A, ... yet!

Marcus Sandberg's picture

Vinyl rules!!!

RS's picture

my initials are not MF

Jim Germann's picture

Vinyl is dead? I don't think so! I've had many people here being amazed over the sound that LP's unleash. Especially the 45 RPM editions! The selections get better every year, although there is music that I dearly wish would be issued on LP.

Travis Klersy's picture

Not only was my vinyl purchasing up for the year, I also replaced my cheap Technics table with a VPI HW-19JR/modified Rega RB-250/Shure V15VxMR combo. I would have purchased more used vinyl were it not for the sometimes outrageous asking prices here in MPLS.

Mike Healey's picture

Like "Astor Place," my wife has actually gone to thrift stores and estate sales to look for LPs for me. She likes the sound of LPs better than CDs. Including my daughter, who also likes to play LPs, there are three fans of vinyl records in my house!

Joe Hartmann's picture

Since I have purchased several collections this year the number of vinyl records is up from the recent past(up by 15%); more importantly, my purchase of CDs is down quite a bit(down by 50%). About 60% of my purchases are classical and there has been little to excite me in 2001.

Anonymous's picture

Small shop just opened up. Previously, there was no used vinyl readily available locally.

Tom Warren's picture

I bought more vinyl in 2001, and fewer cd's. I finally bought a record cleaner, which I'm using quite a bit.

walter k.'s picture

With mass market record chains eating up the indie stores, vinyl is a little harder to find. The internet has become a good outlet for new releases. Long live the independant record store!!

Tony P., Phoenix, AZ's picture

Definitely a vinyl year. No question about it.

Aris's picture

Despite all the remasterings done I find many that haven't been, and the first generation of CDs are pitiful. Options? Find vinyl, very often on EBay. And the best part? Few people ever bid on vinyl.

Soundman's picture

Yeah, but I pick up used vinyl and master them to CD-R with a DAW! heh!

Ruben from Sonoma County, CA's picture

I bought less in 2001 because I wanted to concentrate on listening to the albums I had bought in previous years.

c.  seymour's picture

Granted I'm new into vinyl, but most of the releases this year were crap, and the music industry is working on ways to reduce the value of CDs (via copy protection) while raising prices. Who would pay twice the price for a usually-inferior sounding format that has been nuetered by copy protection?

Dave O'Brien's picture

Havent bought any vinyl in more than 20 years and don't intend to in the future.

Anonymous's picture

In 2001, my software purchases by format were 1% SACD, 12% CD, and 87% vinyl. For 2002 I expect to increase the SACD percentage and buy an SACD player. I will cut my LP purchases to buy the player.

will.dejong@planet.nl's picture

Happy with Compact Disc !

David Avera's picture

Auburn Alabama doesn't have much vinyl to choose from. One used record store. I can do some vinyl shopping on Atlanta trips.