Creek 5350SE integrated amplifier Specifications

Sidebar 1: Specifications

Description: Solid-state integrated amplifier. Power output: 85Wpc into 8 ohms (19.3dBW), 120Wpc into 4 ohms (17.8dBW). Maximum current: >30A. THD: <0.05%, 20Hz-20kHz. Frequency response: 3Hz-25kHz, -1dB. Power amp slew rate: >50V/µs. Voltage gain: >50. Input sensitivity (passive line): 525mV line-level input for 50W. S/N ratio: >105dB. Channel separation (line input at 1kHz): >55dB. Moving-magnet sensitivity and impedance: 3.5mV at 47kW. MM S/N: >70dB. Moving-coil sensitivity: 750µV at 1kW. Power consumption at idle: <40W. Power consumption at full power: 350W.
Dimensions: 17" W by 3" H by 11" D. Weight: 18 lbs.
Serial number of unit reviewed: None visible.
Price: $1500 ($60 and $95 for standard and Special Edition moving-magnet phono boards, respectively; $95 and $120 for standard and SE moving-coil phono boards, respectively). Approximate number of dealers: 60.
Manufacturer: Creek Audio Ltd., 2 Bellevue Road, Friern Barnet, London N11 3ER, England, UK. Tel: (44) (0)181 361 4133. Web: US distributor: Music Hall, 108 Station Road, Great Neck, NY 11023. Tel: (516) 487-3663. Fax: (516) 773-3891. Web:

US distributor: Music Hall
108 Station Road
Great Neck, NY 11023
(516) 487-3663