Cirrus Minor on Cardas Mirror

Andy Regan of Cardas Audio saw me near the 10th-floor elevators and asked, "Do you have an iPod or an iPhone?" I said that I did, and Andy handed me a leather pouch upon which the Cardas logo had been printed. Inside was an obviously well-made pair of earbuds. "Give 'em a try."

After being reassured that the neoprene bits were fresh, I did—and, as it so happened, I had been listening to Pink Floyd's Relics album the day before, and the song "Cirrus Minor" was already cued-up. It sounded amazing. I very much want a pair of these earbuds—which, it turns out, are called Cardas Mirrors (No.5813). I pointed out, to all present, the alliterative similarity, but no one else was impressed. Life went on.

Stephen Mejias adds: At this time, it's unclear whether Art's experience with the Cardas EM5813 in-ear monitors took place before or after my own. I suppose we'll never know for sure, but, if I'm going to share earwax with anyone, I guess I'll have it be Art.

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This reminds me of how acid and other drugs get handed out at festivals!

I wish this happened to me.

(with the earbuds of course)