Cary Audio Design CAD-572SE monoblock power amplifier Specifications

Sidebar 4: Specifications

Description: Monoblock tube amplifier, with Svetlana 572-3 output triode and a single-ended output stage with 2dB loop negative feedback. Specified output power: 20W into 8 ohms (13dBW). Frequency Response: 15Hz-23kHz, -0.75dB. Measured output impedance: 2.1 ohms at 20Hz; 1.85 ohms, 1kHz; and 1.91 ohms, 20kHz. Measured input impedance: 140k ohms. Measured input sensitivity: 250mV for 1W into 8 ohms; 1.18V for full power.
Dimensions: 5½" W by 7" H by 19" D. Weight: 28 lbs. each.
Serial numbers of units reviewed: Not noted.
Price: $2495/pair (1998). Approximate number of dealers: 40.
Manufacturer: Cary Audio Design, 1020 Goodworth Drive, Apex, NC 27539. Tel: (919) 355-0010. Fax: (919) 460-3828. Web:

Cary Audio Design
1020 Goodworth Drive
Apex, NC 27539
(919) 355-0010