Cary Audio Design CAD-572SE monoblock power amplifier Martin Colloms' Associated Equipment

Sidebar 1: Martin Colloms' Associated Equipment

Source components: Krell KPS-20i/l CD player, dCS Elgar D/A processor (both used with and without a control preamplifier). Linn LP12/Lingo turntable, Naim ARO tonearm, van den Hul GLA1V phono cartridge.
Preamplification: Conrad-Johnson ART and P-FR line stages, Conrad-Johnson Premier Fifteen phono preamplifier.
Power amplifiers: Krell FPB600 and FPB650M, Cary CAD805C, Conrad-Johnson Premier Eight A and CAV50, Bel Canto SET 40.
Loudspeakers: Wilson Audio WITT 2, Avantgarde Duo 2, Sonus Faber Electa Amator II, Quad ESL-63, Spendor SP2-2.
Cables: Interconnects: van den Hul The First, Transparent Reference XLV and Music Link Plus, various Siltech combinations. Loudspeaker Cables: Transparent XL and MLP, Siltech Silver Ribbon.—Martin Colloms

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