Cardas’ Expanded Clear Line

Cardas Operations Manager Josh Meredith was happy to show off Cardas’ Clear Light Speaker cable ($1048/2m pair). Now the lower end of the Clear speaker cable line, it will soon move up a notch to middle position as another model of speaker cable comes out. A simplified version of Clear speaker cable ($3726/2m pair), its ability to be produced more rapidly results in its considerably lower price.

Also on hand was the Clear Light Rev 1 interconnect ($856/1.5m pair). Now with a larger diameter, improved shield, and nicer RCA connector, it is still substantially lower in price that the Clear interconnect ($2360/1.5m pair). Next on the horizon is a Clear power cable.

Josh noted that the Cardas Clear USB cable ($150/1.5m), which has made its way into both Jon Iverson’s and my own “upstairs” computer-based systems, can now be obtained with a mini-termination on one end. Other innovations include Cardas’ Douglas Fir cable footers, and Chassis Mount XLRs (approx $16). Using the same superior plating as on Clear interconnects, the Chassis Mount XLRs have found their way into components from a number of prominent manufacturers, including Jeff Rowland.

In the photo, George Cardas sports his prototype earbuds (see previous story below) and a strand of Cardas Clear Light speaker cable.