Capital Audiofest 2022, Rockville, Maryland Starts Today

Presenting dozens of new exhibitors, 40 more rooms, and 30 more accessories booths than in 2021, Capital Audiofest 2022 is up and running like a fire-starter. Owner/organizer/promoter Gary Gill is sporting a new, literally letting-his-hair-down cut, and over an aromatic cigar he excitedly regaled me with news.

Having quit his day job as a construction manager, Gill has not only had more time to listen to his hi-fi, which includes components from Fern and Roby (turntable), Tru-Glider (tonearm), DS Audio (phono stage), MicroZOTL (preamp), David Berning and Bryston (amps), AER BD3 (full-range drivers), Bag End (subwoofer), and his home-brew exponential horns, he now puts all of his considerable energy toward Capital Audiofest, duties he previously shared with others. Also promoting Pacific Audiofest with partner Lou Hinkley, Gill, who lives within one mile of the CAF venue, the Twinbrook Hilton in Rockville, MD, is re-energized.

"The industry is very healthy," Gary remarked—CAF addresses Covid concerns by offering masks free of charge at the registration desk. "I belong to two local audiophile groups, and we've seen interest from younger people who are into vinyl, and we're hoping to see them at CAF this year."

Brands new to CAF include Songer Audio, RAAL-Requisite, Chesky Records, KingRex Electric, Archer High Fidelity, Believe High Fidelity, Audio Ultra, Arion Audio, Stax, Gestalt Audio, McGary Audio, Voxativ, M101, Classic Audio Loudspeakers, Audio Thesis, Haniwa Audio, Terry Audio, Scott Walker Audio, Heretic Speakers, Rethm, Gestalt Audio Design, Geshelli Labs, and Theoretica Applied Physics. Distributors new to CAF include Direct Audio, Matterhorn Audio Group, Now Listen Here, Alma Music & Audio, and Audio Group Denmark.

Starting in 2010 as a DIY show with 12 rooms, Capital Audiofest 2022 is a major player in the audiophile landscape, and this year's promising show is all the confirmation you need.

Show times are:
Friday: 10:00AM—6:00PM
Saturday: 10:00AM—6:00PM
Sunday: 10:00AM—4:00PM

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Godspeed Ken!

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Have fun Ken! Wish I could be there.

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Looking forward to your coverage, Ken! Enjoy!

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The coverage is much appreciated!

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And looking forward to your updates Ken.