A Bright Future

A lot of people talk about reaching out to a wider and more diverse audience, bringing young people and (gasp!) even women into the high-fidelity conversation, but the people behind Salon Son et Image are actually doing something about it.

At this year’s SSI, held March 22–24 at the Hilton Bonaventure in Montreal, attendees were treated to a Personal Audio Zone, a Women’s Conference, and special designation of rooms with systems costing $5000 and less. In addition, admission to the show was free to children under the age of 17, accompanied by an adult. These are exciting, important, and intelligent innovations.

Twenty percent of attendees at this year’s SSI were women; 3% were under the age of 17; 57% were under 50; and there was a 14% overall increase in ticket sales. These numbers point toward a bright future for hi-fi.

In the photo above, we see SSI’s Sarah Tremblay, Alexandra, and Michel Plante. I bumped into them while on my way to Colleen Murphy’s outstanding Classic Album Sundays presentation. Thus, it was one outstanding experience after another at the New York Audio Show.

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The other smart thing he did was move the show from the Delta Hotel to Place Bonaventure, more space for exhbitors, better layout and better able to handle the crowds.  The Delta's rooms and hallways were always crowded, it is not perfect at the Bonaventure but much much better than previous years and a very enjoyable show.   Something I believe the NYC organizers should consider, as this past weekend reminded me of the Delta Hotel with its narrow hallways and pushy crowds.