Benny Audio, Thoress, Java, AudioSolutions

Benny Audio, founded in 2017 and based in Gliwice, Poland, produces massive turntables that recall TechDas and Acoustic Signature. BA’s flagship Odyssey model, including 14" tonearm with direct wiring and power supply (€24,000), drew every eye in their Munich room as it spun vinyl with muscularity and deep-earth, saturated tone.

As founder Tomasz Franielczyk told Analog Planet editor Mike Mettler, the Odyssey table “is the result of over seven years of research and experience. It is a turntable built from scratch. The main objective was to create a turntable that would surpass its older brother [the Immersion II] in every aspect. The drive system, platter bearing, platters, plinth, along with the base and the 14-inch tonearm were all redesigned from the ground up.”

The Odyssey boasts a triple-layer plinth, with an upper platter of 300mm black Delrin, a midplatter of 300mm stainless steel, and a lower platter of 200mm stainless steel. The Odyssey’s main bearing includes a hydrodynamic inverted sleeve, YG8 10mm sintered carbide ball, POM base, and an aluminum body.

Up to three arms (8" to 14") can be accommodated. its dimensions are 400mm x 242mm x 400mm (w/h/d), and its weight is 59kg without tonearm.

Of course, there was more to this Halle 3 setup than a lonely turntable. There were other turntables: a Benny Audio Immersion II, with a 12.5" tonearm and power supply (€13,407), was also operational. The cartridges in use were a Hana Umami MC Red (€3390) and Murasakino Sumile MC (€8990).

A Thöress Phono Enhancer (€10,500) maximized the analog signal, which fed a Java Hi-Fi Double Shot Integrated Amplifier ($16,995). Two pairs of speakers were inline: AudioSolutions Figaro M2 Loudspeakers (€9500/pair) and AudioSolutions Figaro XL2 Loudspeakers (€21,000/pair). The system was completed by a Shunyata Research Denali Power Conditioner (€6900) and cables by Zavfino.

Various descriptors describe the sound of the Benny Audio system, assembled into one of Munich’s thin-walled listening shacks: sleek, powerful, massive, a tad bright, and fully captivating.