Ypsilon Electronics, TechDAS, Kaiser Acoustics Kawero!, Artesania, Vibex

Ypsilon Electronics’ James Michalopoulos seemingly brought the entire Greek-made line of electronics to Munich,almost a wholee system—just add a fully decked-out turntable (from Japanese turntable manufacturer, TechDAS) and a pair of loudspeakers (from Kaiser Acoustics).

The TechDAS Air Force One Premium turntable ($145,000) with new TechDAS Air Force 10 air bearing pivoted tonearm ($45,000 for the 10" arm; $49,500 for the 12") and a TechDas cartridge fed an Ypsilon Electronics MC10L SE Silver SUT ($18,000), its output passing to a Ypsilon Electronics VPS100MK2 SE Phono Preamplifier ($50,000).

Digital issues were addressed by a Ypsilon Electronics CD1000 CD Player prototype and DAC-1000 SE R2R/Sigma Delta DAC ($50,000). An Ypsilon Electronics’ PST100mk2 SE line level preamplifier ($68,000) and Aelius II SE power amplifier, 200Wpc into 8 ohms, 350Wpc into 4 ohms (for low frequency drivers) ($65,000), and Ypsilon Electronics GM70 parallel single-ended amplifier prototype (for the mid-hi drivers) drove the new Kaiser Kawero! Minals (€150,000/pair).

Artesania racks, Ypsilon cables, Vibex power distribution, and Kaiser Acoustics room treatment completed the setup.

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That was so amazing.

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