AXPONA Livestream Friday!

AXPONA, the largest high-end audio event in North America, has rescheduled from April to August for 2020, but you can get a sneak peek at the new products audio manufacturers have in store by watching the show's Facebook Live event this Friday, April 17 starting at 10am Central Time—the day AXPONA 2020 was originally scheduled to open at the Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel and Convention Center in Chicago, IL.

Sponsored by Stereophile and Music Direct, AXPONA Livestream will feature 25 of the leading audio manufacturers who will update music lovers and the global audio community with timely subject matter, from new product demonstrations to what's next for each brand during this historic time. On what would have been AXPONA's opening day, you still have the opportunity to directly interact with many notable global manufacturers.

Hosted by Michael Fremer from Stereophile and Analog Planet and Bes Nievera from Music Direct, AXPONA Livestream gives you the opportunity to virtually experience your favorite audio brands in the same spirit AXPONA attendees have experienced on site for 11 years.

And we look forward to seeing everyone again in person at AXPONA, August 7-9, 2020!

Click HERE to watch the live stream!

tonykaz's picture

They might try it.

Will folks decide to risk going is doubtful.

that is: Until the Vaccine is working and everyone is safe.

The Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel and Convention Center is very much like a Giant Cruise Ship with ventilation recycled.

You folks are expressing "Presidential" optimism about the worst threat to National Security ever experienced.

Tony in Venice

invaderzim's picture

"You folks are expressing optimism about..."

I'm an optimist but I don't think it helps.

la musique's picture

And if like me you don't have facebook?
No other options?

invaderzim's picture

you can still watch it without logging in, just most of the screen will be taken up with trying to get you to login so they can track you.

Joe Whip's picture

To go to Axpona but sorry, there is no way I would risk it without a vaccine or a damn good proven treatment for the disease. No live concerts, sporting events, nothing. Staying at home with my wife, work in the yard and listen to music, I am also getting some writing finished.

jmsent's picture

..Axpona will happen in August. It has to be one of the worst case scenarios possible for potential outbreak of infection. Most of the exhibit rooms are no bigger than a regular hotel room. The idea that 10 or more people at a time would pile into one of those tight spaces, is unthinkable at this point. Will the restaurants be open? Will people board airplanes to get there? Are there even planes flying? United Airlines, Chicago's major air carrier, just announced that their flight schedule has been cut by 90%(!) with no idea when they will resume anything approaching normal operations. Never mind the high risk age groups that make up a substantial portion of the audiophile community. You also have very aggressive stay at home orders in the Chicago suburbs, due to high population density and high infection rates. Maybe those will be "relaxed" by August, but fully lifted? I doubt it. Nice to dream...but I think August is way too soon, in spite of the idiots who have decided to ignore reality and stage protests.

r sherriff's picture

They protest to have the right to catch a disease. Darwinism at its best.

John Atkinson's picture
I caught some of this yesterday. Michael Fremer and Bes Nievera did a great job.

John Atkinson
Technical Editor, Stereophile

Bogolu Haranath's picture

Is it possible for Michael Fremer to post some of the equipment pictures with some comments on Stereophile website? :-) ........

invaderzim's picture

It is fun to see the ways people find to work around the current situation to bring us everything from food to entertainment and information.

eugeneharrington's picture

Speaking as a regular attendee of the Munich High End Show, I think Audio Trade Shows, as we know them, are probably not going to happen in 2020. People are afraid to go out grocery shopping let alone to spend a couple of days at a trade show, rubbing shoulders with all and sundry? Hopefully, things will have improved by this time next year by way of a vaccine or otherwise to allow all businesses, not just audio, to proceed as normal. 2020 is a write off, unfortunately.