AudioQuest 3 US Power Strip

There never seem to be enough AC outlets, and when there are, they're not always easily accessible. I have two dedicated 15A duplex outlets at the power-amp end of my room, but a subwoofer and multiple power amps (up to three at a time) exhaust those facilities. What happens when I need to add a second subwoofer or other EQ? What do I do when I want to keep more than three amps cooking for quick comparisons?

Until I find a way to run more dedicated lines, the best option is to split the AC sources by using a power-distribution box that takes up space and can be costly, or to simply add a multi-outlet extension cord. Horrors! I don't really want to run all that fancy gear on a $2.99 18 gauge throwaway from the local hardware store.

I've found an effective yet inexpensive solution: AudioQuest's sturdy little 3 US ($35). Its name, though not melodic, is descriptive. At one end of the 3 US's sturdy case is a power inlet that accepts a standard three-slot IEC power cord of your choice of length and girth. (I used a 10'-long AudioQuest NRG-10.) On one face are three US-standard three-prong power outlets. Inside, the input is connected to the outlets by heavy-gauge bus links of solid copper bar. Plug in a good cable and you have a serious extension cord that will distribute AC where you need it. AudioQuest's brilliantly simple 3 US should be in everyone's kit of parts so that it will be there when you need it. And you will.

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Why should it be in 'everyones kit'? Give some details. Some comparisons. Some data. Something!

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Pure convenience.  It is cheap and small and well-constructed.  I do not use it as part of my main/permanent installation but it is so useful when I quickly and temporarily need power for some new devices.

BTW, if you are reading the comments only from the Stereophile website, you should know that they were published as a box-feature with the review of a trio of monobloc amps and those required the additional power outlets.  So, what you see above is a little out of context.


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Kal, in the face of all these macho anonymous comment posters who are ripping you saying things you didn't say, I applaud your restraint. I think most everyone these days has need of something to add outlets only, not power conditioning or surge protection, and little widgets like this are perfect. Thanks for the review and try and not pay attention to the endlessly angry commenters whose systems are no doubt full of hardware store power strips and Radio Shack cables.

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Last I checked you could buy a better power strip with an on/off switch and surge protection thrown in at WalMart for less money. Seriously wtf.

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"Last I checked you could buy a better power strip with an on/off switch and surge protection thrown in at WalMart for less money."

1.  Better?  In what way?  Have you taken these apart and looked at the construction?  

2.  Surge protection and switching not wanted or needed.

3.  Ability to use any length of IEC cable desired is a plus for me.

Need I add that the choice is yours?

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Isn't this just a simple extension from one plug to three? What do you expect me to find, magic pixie dust that makes the electrons "sound better"?

Hey it is your money that's a fact so waste it anyway you see fit xD

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Yes, it is an extension cord and so it was described.  Did anyone say or imply that it did anything to make anything sound better?   

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A silly little $35 extension cord? Seriously? No wonder most sane people find the reviews on here lacking.

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Im sorry, you must not know what your talking about. Would audioquest make something that is compairable to walmart garbage? I think the editors here are fantastic, considering you know somthing about the companys they are reviewing. $35 for somthing that will....yes "make your system sound better" is cheap.

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Whoa!  Did I say it will  "make your system sound better?"  Please do not put words into my mouth.  I have to say that I did not even entertain that possibility and made no comparisons between the AQ device and the other AC cords I have.

I wrote about the AQ device because I had a particular need and, when I searched for a solution, I discovered it.  It is simply a well-made and convenient device that fits a particular need.

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well said

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Check and see what country that Audioquest product was made in before you bash WalMart.

All it is maybe $1.00 worth of parts and a huge markup to $35 for what?

Love how you didn't even read to see that the reviewer didn't say tht it would make the sound better lmao  What an idiot.

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You must have walmart speakers and reciever also. Why dont you go to walmart and read all the reviews on there, you will get some newb advice for sure.

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Go ahead and spend $35 for that $1 product. I don't care, it's not my money. Laughing at your butt hurt attitude over an extension plug.Got any other lame insults to throw my way?

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The cost is a little high at $35.00 and I wish they would space the plugs apart from each other, nowdays some of us have items that use those thick power adapters as plugs, that crowd over the neighbouring plug.  If they stretched them apart might make for a more flexible product.  Nice little thingey though love that you can use any length of iec a/c cable of your choice.


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I agree that additional spacing would be nice as I had to find IEC cables that would fit.

Another thing is that you can snake the input IEC through small space to its destination before attaching the 1:3.

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Yeah you can't spend less than $35 for the extension because the AudioQuest NRG-10 power cord he paired it with costs anywhere from $300 to $400. Money well spent on a 10 foot power cord. Yes sir-eeeeee. Can't have cheap electrons conflicting with the expensive ones ya know.

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Good point.  AQ graciously sent that along but I did not emphasize that since the three iec cords I plugged into it were the standard common ones that came packed with the amps.  They only pass cheap electrons.

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.........justify using a $35 extender on power cords that cost maybe $2 for all three to make. Yeah that's logical. Walmart sells various plugs for a lot less and just as good or BETTER.

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Your the most insane guy I have ever read on a fourm. When your trying to get POWER to a POWERAMP its pretty important to do it well. Do you honestly think walmart garbage will care about your sound. Wow dude, the fact that someone made this product to sound good is 100x better than your garbage. After all the POWER is 1/2 of your sound quality......Wait, In your case distortion. 

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No where in the review did he say it made the sound better. Yeah people who haven't taken a college course or two really don't understand how electricity works.That's why they run out and spend $35 on a simple 3 outlet extender when a $5 item is just as good. Like I said before it's your money so waste it as you see fit.Amusing how people buy into the boutique power cord crap.

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Georgie Porgie and JRusskie,

Finding you guys here is like playing a game of Whack-A-Mole at the arcade! Using the three neurons you have left between the two of you to try to do some critical thinking have led you to attack a piece of plastic and some metal!!

How about critiquing the color of the plastic? Oops, can't do it... that neuron burnt out trying to figure out testing methodology...

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The plastic does make it look really more expensive doesn't it?

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KR I just got some new AQ power cables today and was looking for a smaller and dedicated strip to plug into.

I searched out the 3 US and found on audioadvisor "It provides uncompromised power flow, thanks to a design which doesn't put contacts between the input and output. Instead, the IEC>3US uses a high-purity copper buss connection."

Theres a pic of it taken apart so you can have a look at its construction. I also found a post about it from a happy customer on who says "It was certainly a lot better than the wire world six outlet strip I was using (the strip has no surge suppressors to limit current draw or noise filtering which might alter things just a straight power strip in a good metal case)."

I`m ordering mine today, thanks again for the suggestion.

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Thanks you for posting this, the newbies here can read it and learn from it. The think you can go to walmart and buy stuff for audio..LOL.

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Over and out.