Audio-Technica SonicFuel ATH-OX7AMP premium on-ear headphones with built-in amplifier Sweepstakes

Register to win a set of Audio-Technica SonicFuel ATH-OX7AMP premium on-ear headphones with built-in amplifier (MSRP $299.95) we are giving away.

According to the company:

The SonicFuel ATH-OX7AMP on-ear headphones deliver premium sound through large 40 mm drivers and built-in, high-output amplifiers that enhance any type of musical selection, maximizing the detail and clarity of your music like never before. The amplifiers run on a AAA battery (included), however batteries are not necessary for audio output – the headphones operate normally regardless of battery power.

The sleek, modern design includes two detachable cords – one regular and one with an in-line mic, volume and controller to answer/end calls, play/pause music and adjust volume on compatible smartphones and devices – while a padded, adjustable headband uniquely conforms to the shape of your head providing a stable fit that further enhances your listening experience. Carrying pouch included.

Music is your energy for life – the fuel for your heart and soul. SonicFuel™ headphones are made specifically for active, daily use, to power you forward by delivering extraordinary comfort, style and an immersive listening experience that never sounds artificial, processed or filtered. Just pure sonic goodness for the high-octane tempo of your life.


  • Built-in high-output headphone amplifier provides more clean power and volume for greater detail, clarity and faster dynamic response
  • 40 mm drivers for clear & natural high fidelity sound
  • Includes two detachable cords – one regular and one with in-line mic, volume & controller for smartphones and music players like Android phones, iPhone, iPad and iPod
  • Flat, tangle-free cords
  • Padded headband conforms to the shape of your head to provide a stable fit for a better listening experience
  • Carrying pouch included

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Rethep's picture

Curious how it will compare to this old one from the 80's. Always served me well.

19basketball89's picture

I am in need of a new set of cans and these would do nicely.

audiom's picture

I could sure a decent phone!

Dr. Spivey's picture

I like free stuff.

mcdontho's picture

To jam on!

torturegarden's picture

I could always use another pair of cans.

listen2music's picture

How do they compare with my ATH-AD700?

Dick James's picture

Extra headphones always come in handy.

Catch22's picture

If you're going to go over the ear, go over the entire ear with padding so the compression isn't on the ear itself. Those would last me about 10 minutes tops before I'd be ripping them off my head.

DougM's picture

I want these!

jmq's picture

Can't wait to try these out!

ohchinho's picture

I want one of these!

willdao's picture

I'd love to give them a try!

corrective_unconscious's picture

I think that Audio-Technica used to import the old Gale Loudspeaker (as seen in "A Clockwork Orange"?)

wudze's picture

These would keep the missus happy.

Syrez's picture

Okay, count me in

Bkhuna's picture

These would be perfect for use with my iPhone.

1audio1's picture

Love to try them.

martian's picture

Wonder how much of a difference the amp makes.

MrGneiss's picture


Osgood Crinkly III's picture

Count me in.

tdherbert's picture

I'll give them to my son- he's getting the audio bug.

JML's picture

So count me in, too.

volvic's picture

Will take em off yer hands.

jamesk's picture

Always looked good in cans. PLEASE GIVE THEM TO ME!

Theo's picture

Wow these look great!

CapitalW's picture

I admit to being a bit jaded when it comes to headphones but these have my full attention. You can blame it on their flexibility!

franknsense's picture

My husband would love these. Sound is paramount to him!

shammerman's picture

I would love to have a pair of these!

Brankin's picture

What a great gift this would be...

Devil Doc's picture

or spam

Mcgrawd2's picture

I want these. Thanks

Bones265's picture

Love to win!

xyzip's picture


mzweibel's picture

I can hear it now, "Mitchell, you've won!!

noirx7's picture

Next thing will be a built in DAC

Jackblues's picture

Would't mind having those.

stevo's picture

and I am in need of a new pair. The built in amp sounds interesting.

brw's picture

What a treat it would be to win a Stereophile sweepstakes! Enjoy the print edition each month, together with the online site.

zoltanvarga's picture

It would be a nice present :)

weso's picture

I need those headphones!

aaybes's picture

Re: Catch22, these are on-ear headphones, not over-ear headphones. I have a pair of each and it's true that over ear are more comfortable for long listening but they are also significantly bulkier. Trade-offs. ;)


johnpy2's picture

Love to hear a pair of these. I love ATs.

jelyon's picture

Hint hint...

beerguy's picture

I look forward to trying out these new headphones.

Edwama's picture

Looks like the perfect way to enhance my hammock!

ChrisH's picture

Would love to hear these for myself. Been a fan of audio-technica since the early 80's when I purchased my first cartridge for my turntable.

audiovinta's picture

Thank you, Stereophile, for this opportunity!

Mistrals's picture

Light my fire

hhenkin's picture

Audio Technica makes good things...

leberumen's picture

I want these so bad!

Kilgore Trout's picture

Pick me!

otaku's picture

Nice complement to my A900's

jhwalker's picture


lrad's picture

Another great contest :-)

knt00's picture

I like to say that I would love a pair of these for various reasons, one being they are one of the best quality headphones money can buy. I'd also like to add that they are extremely durable and the sound quality is by far amonst the best. In ending I'll say this brand of handphones are the rolls royce of headphones. Audio-Technica if I could show case these for you I'd be more that happy to do so. You've done it again...

chrisinger14's picture

Love to have a pair!

one4all41's picture

Would love to hear my jazz music through these!

jut1972's picture

In it to win it

markbrauer's picture

On-ear heaven.

mikerr's picture

I would Love a pair, Please ~

dsthornberry's picture

I would like to have a pair of really nice ones like these.

saronian's picture

I'll have to give these a try.

hooplidoopler's picture

as the title say.

elmi's picture


GopherFan's picture

Thank you very much.

Russoleum's picture

AT - what a great concept!

BennyB's picture

Don't worry guys, I'll take 'em

Adikos's picture

And these cans would be the perfect entry into the brand

freddiek40's picture


Niyologist's picture

I like these a lot. I love high fidelity audio.

GyroZep's picture

Great magazine! also, audio-tec's are great toohaha

smichalove's picture

I am thinking about ThinkSound headphones, but these would be the right price...

earthnegi's picture

This would be an awesome birthday gift

ToolFan0627's picture

I've recently purchased my first turntable setup and I have plenty of records to listen to, but I lack a pair of headphones. These would come in handy so I don't wake the baby.

oldray's picture

I hope you have my mailing address!

ceiber's picture

Very curious!!! Love to try a pair!!!

mclse49's picture


Utopianemo's picture

I would love to compare the ATH-OX7AMP to my passive headphones. Kind of a passive/aggressive shodown, eh?

jazzhead's picture

I've been looking for some new headphones. Maybe these could ben those 'phones.....

scardeal's picture

I could use a new pair of cans!

akprentice's picture

With 5 kids in the house the built in amp looks like a great addition.

Ormy51's picture

Count me in

Chaviha's picture

I need new headphones......

Heapatrouble's picture

Definitely in need of an awesome new set of headphones.

jrhud's picture


daadaa's picture

I never win anything, but i also never give up :D

projectc's picture

I would love to have this set!!!!

Dr.Kamiya's picture


Stirrio's picture

I'll take 'em.

Troyrubin's picture

These do look cool

jwchoi0522's picture

Thanks for the gift!

Askell's picture
quiller's picture

I'm in.

lawn_wrangler's picture


TreAdidas's picture

I'm down. Hit it!

mike walters's picture

with headphones on

lostcomma's picture

I feel very lucky about this

funambulistic's picture

Yes please!

BRuggles's picture

All theses people saying they could use new cans sound like they actually want a plastic surgeon. But I would love to rock these headphones - at work with my cheaper turntable setup.

wendellkb's picture

looks like a great set of phones. Hope they aren't too heavy.

andrewryancassin's picture

Is that so wrong?

jevansoh's picture

Hope I win!

chunk23's picture


Nuz1's picture

These would be great!!

iListen's picture

These would be great. I am down to $29 Fruit headphones that came with my phone.

Calangas's picture

It will be very interesting updating my Audio-Technica headphones

lucas911993's picture


leogarpab's picture

I'd love to have these for my summer trips!

seabass201010's picture

I love the smell of SonicFuel in the morning

Jleebron's picture

I still prefer my actual magazine. I guess I'm old fashioned or maybe just old.

kevmo's picture

I would love to win these!

mrobin's picture

These look great.

cdxskier's picture

Stereophile rocks!

ronan143's picture

Look forward to receiving them soon!

GFischer's picture


jgoods's picture

These should sound as good as they look. Like the switch and volume control.

ClemsonAVFan's picture

Would love to win these.

egronenthal's picture

I need new phones!

stephend50's picture

These would be so cool!

jhwalker's picture

to win these :)

dff's picture

Sound interesting

andrews27's picture

Let me get what I want. Lord knows it would be the first time.

AbelBolt's picture

Would really enjoy these!

zaustin3's picture

I need a new pair of head phones to replace all the ones my daughters have made off with including some ATH-FC700's and AKG 240's.

Garryh16's picture

They look great!

eddieg69's picture

Tired of repairing my Grados.

FrankPeele's picture

Never owned cans by AT, but every one of their items I have owned has been well worth its place in my kit. I look forward to experiencing these!

Bill Franklin's picture


Audio-Technica SonicFuel ATH-OX7AMP premium on-ear headphones with built-in amplifier

That's quite a mouthful, but then they're quite an earful.

mggm56's picture

I'm in!

DannyBoyNYC's picture

Put me on the list.

lesliejazz's picture

Would love to win these!

2_channel_ears's picture

Can you hear what I hear?

Ozzie123's picture

I would make them look good! : )

JankoL's picture

Well, lets try my luck :) "Any comment will do"

Rohmer's picture

I still have mixed feelings about headphones. I have always preferred listening to quality floor standing speakers, but there are a few times headphones are better to hear details. Maybe I'll try headphones more often.

laclayton's picture

Any comment will do

gregoire's picture

These would be a great addition to my very small collection!

Ovi_ch's picture

Let me try it!

redles's picture

Always interested in trying out new headphones.

drewmb1's picture

Sounds good to me.

Prole's picture

Please accept my entry for the headphones.

californiabob's picture

Looks reasonable - now let's wait for the reviews

ongtru's picture

Would love these for mobile listening

Holygeezer's picture

I would be okay with winning and listening to these.

RWT114's picture

I would gladly use them

RWT114's picture

I like them

gap-stereophile's picture

Love them!!

stvgray's picture


Mitchellman1's picture

I am in desperate need of new quality headphones. In this age of pretenders, it is refreshing to see an old favorite return.