Audio Sensibility

To exhibit at CES, you'd better have deep pockets, and while, to a lesser extent, the same is true about exhibiting in the large rooms at SSI, the venue also permits small companies to set up displays in the nooks and crannies of the hotel corridor, with correspondingly lower price tags. Audio Sensibility offers a line of high-end audio and video cables that use Ohno Continuous Cast (OCC) copper and silver wire, Furutech connectors, cryogenic treatment of all wire and connectors, Mundorf silver-gold and supreme silver-gold solder, and their own custom-manufactured stainless-steel connector bodies.

Sold directly to the public, with a 30- day money-back guarantee and a 10-year, transferrable warranty, the cables seem to offer excellent value. Steven Huang, "Mr. Audio Sensibility," has a degree in chemical engineering and another one in mechanical engineering, and can even claim a personal connection to Professor Ohno, inventor of OCC, his father having gone to engineering school with Ohno.