Audio Loft and Coincident Speaker Technology

Coincident Speaker Technology and NYC dealer Audio Loft demonstrated a system made of Coincident’s Pure Reference Extreme loudspeakers ($26,800/pair) driven by Coincident’s 75W Dragon 211PP monoblocks ($10,999/pair), Statement Line Stage ($5499), and Statement Phono ($5999). Source was a VPI Classic 4 ($8000) with a beautiful rosewood base and HR-X 12.7 tonearm mounted with a Dynavector DRT XV-1t cartridge. Cables were Coincident’s own, and the gear was supported by a Steve Blinn Designs Monarch equipment rack.

A blues track with guitar, voice, harmonica, and drums sounded impressively fast and detailed, but lacked some textural richness and color.

On static display in the room was Coincident's attractive new Dynamo 34SE integrated amplifier ($999), an 8Wpc, single-ended design with a pair of EL34 driver tubes.

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You gotta love the appearance of this room!