Audeze LCD-4 headphones Associated Equipment

Sidebar 2: Associated Equipment

Digital Sources: Antipodes DX Reference music server; Logitech Transporter, PS Audio PerfectWave DirectStream D/A processors.
Headphone Amplifiers: Ayre Acoustics Codex, Pass Labs HPA-1, Audeze The King.
Headphones: Audeze LCD-X, AudioQuest NightHawk, Master & Dynamic MH40.
Cables: Digital: AudioQuest Coffee, USB. Interconnect (unbalanced): AudioQuest Fire. Headphone: Cardas Clear, Nordost Heimdall, manufacturers' own. AC: manufacturers' own.—John Atkinson

Audeze LLC
1559 Sunland Lane
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(714) 581-8010

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John, you and Tyll individually carry a ton of weight with me. I couldn't hold a reviewer in much higher regard on both the quant and qual fronts than I do the two of you. Together, ..., well, ..., taken together your two seemingly disparate albeit positive reviews sum less to a meta-review and more into an outright sign from on high. A burning bush or something.

That carbon fiber also matches both my sunglasses and the interior of my car!

I wish I still wasn't so unhappy with all the digital formats... I mostly listen to digital on my (current) Audeze cans.

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It would be interesting and useful to read more about the LCD4 mid-treble and top octave as described above, in comparison to, say, the Sennheiser HD800 and Stax SR009. Or any other reference that might be better balanced for a wide range of genres.

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It's hard to stay focused on headphones just now, Brexit voting is starting up and I have 5 thou. $ on Remain.

But, Boris is out there making a rather convincing series of points, god bless him, he may cost me a bundle.

So, how are we to think Audio as the Whole of Europe is re-settling it's way of interacting? This might be bigger than Donald vs. Hillary.

Annnnnd, I wonder if the Chord stuff will be less expensive for us Americans, as a result. By the way, these Audeze 4s should hit 112db whilst playing on the little Mojo ( with it's 38milwatts ), won't they?

Anyway, nice review ( as usual ). I wonder if any of SP's review staff are considering doing Tyll style of video reviewing?, all it takes is a little $100 "jiggle" cam.

Best Wishes,

Tony in Michigan

ps. I wonder if Texas will decide to do a Brexit too?, lotsa folks I know would be happy to see em leave. ( just say'n )

naim00's picture will be interesting to read JA impressions on LCD-4s vs similarly priced planars from Stax. Should anyone decide to share his (most probably it will be he, not she) impressions on Sennheiser HE-1, that would be grand also. There is a fine line in such comparisons of not turning "Stereophile" into "What Hi-Fi" but the last note "they're the best-sounding headphones I've heard in the 45 years" begs for such a follow-up, methinks