Ask the Editors, Round 2, Fight!

Ask the Editors, Round Two on day three of the New York Audio & AV show was decidedly more laid back than Ask the Editors, Round One possibly because there were less panelists clamoring over a single microphone. In fact, I’m not even sure if the microphone was used this time around, since everyone could hear each other clearly in the room.

The first question of the day essentially led to all of the questions following: “Can one get great sound from entry-level turntables?” Aw man, I wish Stephen had been there Sunday! Mikey said he likes his mega-buck tables, but you can certainly get great sound from the more affordable turntables. He specifically referred to the Clearaudio Concept, an entry level model he reviewed in June of 2011.

This led to the follow-up question of what kind of upgrades can one make to entry-level turntables to get the best out of the sound, to which Art Dudley suggested using a high compliance moving coil cartridge and making sure you have a good sturdy platform.

In the end, John Atkinson (right) suggested “There are no magic bullets,” meaning there are no absolute solutions to getting better sound, and that “your ears and your brain interpret all the measurements and specifications” to be understood by your tastes only.

Alan Sircom from HiFi+ {left) added, “It’s not rocket surgery” to hear if something sounds better.

Stephen Mejias's picture

Gah!  Yes, you can get great sound from entry-level everything.  Let me at them!