Analog Tape United Home Audio & Jolida

There is something about the sound of open-reel tape that doesn't translate either to CD or to LP," I thought as I sat listing to Jackson Browne's "Rosie (you wear my ring)" from a 15ips Tape Project tape in the room shared by United Home Audio and Jolida. With MBL's floorstanding 116 omnidirectional speakers driven by Jolida's new Luxor 100W tube monoblocks ($12,000/pair) and Luxor dual-mono preamplifier (price still to be decided) sitting on Critical Mass Systems racks, and the tape played on one of UHA's extensively modified Tascam decks, there was an unforgettable, fleshed-out palpability to the presentation.

Maryland-based Jolida has been having its tube electronics manufactured in China but the new Luxors will be built in the US! The two-chassis Luxor amplifier uses four EL34 tubes in a classic ultralinear class-AB configuration.

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I would love to have heard that system. Ticks all the boxes for me.  Looks very cool too. Nice!

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That system did some things right, but the bass was consistently lacking and what bass there was felt pretty poorly controlled. A dissapointing room due to that. It was also a room that I think could have benefitted from some room treatments.

But it was great to hear Beatles and Stones and Doors on reel-to-reel. Shame the system couldn't take full advantage.

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Wish that more new musics would be recorded using fully analog process on reel to reel tape. It is unlikely due to cost and time, and most studios are now only do digital.

But it's good see a R2R machine like this in action in public demo.