American Hybrid Technology phono preamplifier System

Sidebar 2: System

Front End: Forsell Air Force One Mk.I; Grasshopper Gold cartridge; Shun Mook LP clamp; Arcici special short Lead Balloons. Electronics: Convergent Audio Technologies SL-1 Signature preamp; one or two Jadis Defy-7 Mk.II amplifiers. Speakers: tri-wired Avalon Ascent Mk.IIs, updated Avalon internal wiring harness, Avalon-supplied Cardas umbilical between crossover and speakers.

Interconnects; XLO Signature, Wireworld Eclipse, Purist Audio Design Colossus, American Hybrid Technology Ultra Resolution, Mapleshade Omega Mikro, Pure Logic Raj, Reference Line. Speaker Cables: XLO Signature, Purist Audio Design Colossus, Mapleshade Omega Mikro Planar, TARA Labs and Tice power cords. Accessories: Combak Counter Feet and Resonance control devices, Shun Mook Super Passive Diamond Resonators, Ensemble Tube Sox, Original Cable Jackets cable wraps, Arcici Super Spikes and equipment stands, Goldmund Cones, Marigo Audio Lab footers, VPI HW-17 record cleaner, Audio Power Industries Power Wedge 116, Power Wedge Type II, and Power Enhancer, MIT Z-Stabilizer.

I plugged the AHT into the Power Wedge 116/Power Enhancer combo and found that a reverse polarity receptacle did the trick for me. Use of the API products lowered the AHT's already low noise floor.—Jonathan Scull