Added to the Archives This Week

Are audiophiles and recording engineers natural adversaries? From the many slings and arrows hurled back and forth between the camps, it would certainly seem so. Robert Harley asks, "But are recording engineers less concerned about sound quality than are audiophiles? If so, why? Isn't someone who has devoted his life to recording music more caring than the hobbyist audiophile? If not, why not?" Read his analysis of the issues in "A Clash of Values?" Also included is a lively volley of readers' letters.

While returning from the recent HI-FI '99 in Chicago, Stereophile editor John Atkinson pondered the similarities and differences between the tornado damage he witnessed in Oklahoma and the flattened landscape of high-end audio. Atkinson is inclined to think that we should have seen the current storm brewing, and that we still have a chance to recover---if we can regain our confidence as audiophiles. Read his latest "As We See It," "Struck by a Tornado?"