Added to the Archives This Week:

Our first article this week is Illusions, Riddles, & Toys, in which Barry Willis explains what Zeno's paradox has to do with audio nirvana. "We audiofools face just such a riddle in our relentless pursuit of musical realism. I can hear you now: No, say it isn't so. Surely our technology is equal to the task. I'm sorry to tell you that it isn't, and probably never will be."

Next, Stew Glick advises audiophiles not to listen to their systems for a week in As Easy as ABC. Read the article and find out why it may be the solution to your audio problems.

Overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of music out there, music critic Bernard Holland tries to grapple with the modern recorded media beast and the ticking of time in A New and Awful Silence.

To wrap up this week's Archive offerings, we bring you John Atkinson's essay from November 1995, Is it Live? Or is it . . . Just what does "crest factor" have to do with a Fender bass? Read it and find out.