Acoustic Signature

German analog powerhouse Acoustic Signature roared into High End Munich with a trio of new products: two feature-packed phono stages and a cutting-edge tonearm. Their booth was a showcase of gleaming AS equipment, from precision tonearms and turntables, including the behemoth Invictus Neo, to meticulously crafted, matte-finish phono stages.

AS’s Gunther Frohnhöfer proudly manned the booth showcasing the massive, military-bold Acoustic Signature Tango Apex NEO phono balanced preamp (€24,998) featuring one balanced (XLR) and two unbalanced (RCA) inputs, adjustable gain, switchable capacitance, adjustable impedance, a subsonic filter, balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA) outputs, and a built-in headphone amplifier.

The new Acoustic Signature TA-1000 NEO tonearm (€49,998) gets its top-of-the-line kick from bespoke bearings that are “DLC treated to make them ultra durable, and further reduce friction by over 50% compared to any other high-class bearings in the market,” see the website. “Our DLC bearings are simply the best in terms of precision, low friction, and innovative vibration-absorbing material.”

Special features of the TA-1000 include an “extensively damped multi-structure aluminum armtube,” available in 9" or 12" lengths, new NEO stainless steel tonearm axis design, optional titanium headshell, SME-type mounting versions, and a brass counterweight. On-the-fly VTA adjustment is available.

Finally, the new Acoustic Signature Tango Reference NEO phono preamp (€5998) works in MC, MI, or MM configurations, has a resonance-optimized chassis made from nonmagnetic aluminum, short signal paths, a subsonic filter, adjustable load impedance, four selectable gain steps, and what AS calls an “over-dimensioned power supply.”

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"works in MC, MI, or MM configurations"
What's the difference between MI and MM in a phono stage?

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I was trying so hard to hold my water and save, save, save for the Typhoon or maybe luck out on a used Montana but just could not wait. When I was informed that AS was raising prices this year I caved and ordered a Tornado.

Anticipation is high and I hope it presents vinyl as good as the NEO line looks. Started with Thorens way back when and looking forward to experiencing German Engineering again.

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You thought right with the Tornado.. All prices are going up June 1st.

I was trying to save up for the Maximus Neo and... it's just going to take longer.


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Thanks Glotz

Appreciate the comment. No Envy, Get Even.

Do not know if you are on the East or West Coast or middle of the country but there is a open box Maximus NEO at a great price in Massachusetts that I thought hard about. I do have 2 tonearms so a Tornado is ideal for my situation.

The tables are more of a Mercedes Benz or BMW type of acquisition than a Volkswagen (which is more where I reside) but as I devote hours to vinyl listening several days a week I decided screw it and went ahead with the purchase.

Thanks again and I am kind of jazzed about scoring one. My Thorens 125 and 126 satisfied me for decades and excited about the Tornado spinning my records.