China 2006

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Wes Phillips  |  Dec 05, 2006  |  0 comments
This is one of ETKG's shops. David Zhou has grown so large over the last 13 years that he has rented just about every available space in his area. Some garages have a single CNC station in them.
Wes Phillips  |  Dec 05, 2006  |  0 comments
ETKG is located in what used to be a farming village near GuangZhou. Now it's considered to be in GuangZhou, although, as you can see, the streets retain their rural feel.
Wes Phillips  |  Dec 05, 2006  |  0 comments
This is David Zheng of ETKG Co. Ltd. He manufactures the metal-work for most high-end Chinese brands, as well as many US, and European companies.
Wes Phillips  |  Dec 04, 2006  |  3 comments
These were in my favorite store in the used audio market. One half of the floorspace was devoted to projectors, ranging from 8mm to big theatrical arc-lamp jobs; the other half to classic hi-fi, like this pair of RCA MI-12182As.
China 2006  |  Dec 04, 2006  |  1 comments
Tube stores also predominate in the used audio market.
Wes Phillips  |  Dec 04, 2006  |  0 comments
All the way across town from the audio market is the area where used equipment and parts are sold. Many small shops are specialists, such as this transformer kiosk. Not only can you buy thousands of transformers, but you can pick up plates and wire and roll your own.
China 2006  |  Dec 04, 2006  |  0 comments
Actually, I have no idea what Sheng Ya means, but at the Sheng Ya showroom, I felt right at home. There were audiophiles hanging out, listening, and, of course, yakking when we walked in. The sales guy was really into what he was doing and immediately began playing these interesting looking speakers made by Consonance.
Wes Phillips  |  Dec 04, 2006  |  1 comments
Down the street, we found a store running an active demo that had these strange devices flanking the loudspeakers. Seated on their own speaker stands, they had thin wires connecting on the positive inputs of both loudpseaker and super tweeter.
Wes Phillips  |  Dec 04, 2006  |  1 comments
We went to the "audio district" of GuangZhou—in China, all shops of similar character tend to group together, so the audio district is where all the hi-fi shops are. Actually, they're there twice: many store have display showrooms in the central mall and listening rooms ranked along a nearby alley.
Wes Phillips  |  Dec 03, 2006  |  0 comments
Plug the CT-1 into an outlet and it will measure the THD+N noise carried on your line. You can plug headphones into the output to hear the noise pollution, or you can measure it with a test instrument. The CT-1 will also alert you to DC on your line.
Wes Phillips  |  Dec 03, 2006  |  0 comments
Dussun was showing a line of power conditioners (500W, 800W, and 1200W) that offered waveform shaping, regulation, isolation, and DC suppression. Oh yeah, and they offer 85% efficiency. The X-1200 retails for $2500.
Wes Phillips  |  Dec 03, 2006  |  0 comments
Zhou Yi of W'inner is kind of a crazy guy—audiophile crazy. His stuff is all big, and so are his aspirations. He really likes class-A, too.
Wes Phillips  |  Dec 03, 2006  |  1 comments
NuForce's S-9 was pretty interesting, too. The cabinet is constructed of birch plywood laminations, which creates both the inner and outer profiles. The tweeter is mounted into a fairly deep horn and flanked by the twin midrange/woofers. There's a built-in switchable Zobel filter and an external crossover, which can be purchased as active or passive. Speaker wire is included in the S-9's $5500/pair (USD) price.
Wes Phillips  |  Dec 03, 2006  |  3 comments
After my first few days wandering through the show, I began to wonder where all the Chinese speakers were—the relatively normal ones, I mean.
Wes Phillips  |  Dec 02, 2006  |  0 comments
Barque & Consonance's Opera Consonance M15 mates a 15" woofer with a unique multicell horn tweeter. Sensitivity is 98dB (!) and frequency range is rate at 30Hz–20kHz. The tweeter handles everything above 500Hz. Price would be around $10,000/pair USD, not including distribution costs.