Elite Speakers

After my first few days wandering through the show, I began to wonder where all the Chinese speakers were—the relatively normal ones, I mean.

This is YiZhen Yao, standing next to his Elite Performance 10s. It's a one-box cabinet, even though it looks like two, and it sports a Morel D-29 tweeter, and kevlar sandwich 6.5" midrange and 10" woofers—both manufactured by Elite.

Driven by Jimmy Yu's Classic components, they delivered relaxed, natural sound that was a real oasis at the show.

Ralph Giglio's picture

Hello - saw a picture of the Elite Per. 10 speakers in the mag and wondered if they are for sale here in the states ? Any contacts you could turn me onto ? Thanks - Ralph Giglio

ROnald's picture

On sale, in greyIncl ship to the us, import taxes,3000 usd.Or in high gloss piano black 3500 usd.Kind regards,ROnald

Ha's picture

Hello-can you give me the full contact and address of this company as I want to buy this one. Also how the sound to compare to Lowther DX4 (in my system)