NuForce S-9

NuForce's S-9 was pretty interesting, too. The cabinet is constructed of birch plywood laminations, which creates both the inner and outer profiles. The tweeter is mounted into a fairly deep horn and flanked by the twin midrange/woofers. There's a built-in switchable Zobel filter and an external crossover, which can be purchased as active or passive. Speaker wire is included in the S-9's $5500/pair (USD) price.

With quiet acoustic music and vocals, I was quite impressed by the S-9's clarity and natural, extended harmonic overtones. Based on the steep flare of the horn surrounding the tweeter, I expected some hootiness, which was not present at all—at least in my short audition. Some piano music played at a fairly high volume, however, sounded hard and clangy.

Tan Tan's picture

I agreed with Wes comment. It is the best speaker (bookshelf) in the show. Very accurate, good clarity (that is why the dealer name is Clarity). Unfortunately, the room acoustic is not in good shape, one corner is a big cupboard. The bass is not in balance.