These were in my favorite store in the used audio market. One half of the floorspace was devoted to projectors, ranging from 8mm to big theatrical arc-lamp jobs; the other half to classic hi-fi, like this pair of RCA MI-12182As.

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what a pair of beauties! i had no idea that rca ever made hifi tube amps!one thing that really puzzles me is the odd brown and (glass!) thigy on the right side of the chassis...rectifier tube??dave klingman

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I think iit is a rectifier tube, Mr. Kingman. My unerstanding of teh RCA amps is that they were made for recording (and perhaps for some broadcast studio use). I am no expert, but I also understand that matched pairs are excedingly rare, since they were made in teh mono era.

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The 807 tubes (with the anode caps) caught my eye. Not many amps used them (VTL did for a while with the 175, I think). I still have a number of them from when I was a kid, and hopefully I'll get my hands on another amp that can use them some day.