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Stephen Mejias  |  Nov 04, 2005  |  11 comments
I heard music, and I liked it.
Stephen Mejias  |  Jul 07, 2006  |  0 comments
"Are your windows open?" sales manager Laura LoVecchio asked today.
Stephen Mejias  |  Jun 12, 2006  |  2 comments
Today is a special Monday in Stereophile land. Today is JA's birthday. Happy birthday, JA. Today is also Kristina Roman's first day with us.
Stephen Mejias  |  Jul 02, 2010  |  17 comments

This is the Ion TW1S tweeter module found in the Acapella High Violoncello II loudspeaker ($80,000/pair). As you can see from this picture, taken in JA’s listening room, the tweeter module rests beneath the Acapella’s midrange enclosure. (That big, purple bell&#151the color is actually Porsche Amethyst&#151has a diameter of 18.5”.) Housed in a perforated metal box and powered with its own AC cord, the tweeter module is a completely self-contained unit; it accepts a line-level input from an RCA jack and amplifies the signal with a class-A amplifier.

Stephen Mejias  |  Aug 07, 2008  |  9 comments
Chris Sommovigo sent out a message this morning:
Stephen Mejias  |  Aug 03, 2012  |  8 comments
In my August column, page 43, just before I have a blast with the $400/pair Definitive Technology StudioMonitor 45 loudspeakers, I discuss a few letters I’ve recently received from readers, asking if I’m satisfied with reviewing “lower-end” gear.

Am I satisfied?

Stephen Mejias  |  Dec 22, 2008  |  0 comments
When we finally reached the top, we found a strange surprise: The rest of our classmates were there.
Stephen Mejias  |  Dec 02, 2011  |  7 comments
The big difference between car audio and home audio, explains WIRC Media's Micah Sheveloff, is car audio’s need to overcome ambient noise. In fact, to a large extent, it’s this simple requirement which dictates a system’s overall design. In the case of the Caprice, the system had to have enough power to overcome the car’s custom-built 2.25-inch stainless dual exhaust.

By this point in our conversation, Micah has already apologized for the noise a number of times.

“Let’s listen to the system for a bit and I’ll see if we can find some good roads,” Micah suggests. “Ready?”

Stephen Mejias  |  Oct 18, 2005  |  0 comments
I really love the comments tool, but I wish it would notify me of when new comments are left for old blog entries. Because it doesn’t, I have to scroll through each entry and check. This isn’t such a big deal, but it does mean that I’ll miss a few comments every now and then, or that it’ll take me a few days to get around to them. And that’s not cool because web-time flies.
Stephen Mejias  |  Mar 12, 2009  |  8 comments
Just to be clear: I never felt imprisoned, or controlled, by my television. We had enjoyed a harmless, casual relationship. My television never told me what to do, never told me who to associate with; my television never judged me, never questioned my motives; my television gave me my space when I needed it. It had been a good television, for the most part. Sure, sometimes it could be obtuse or aloof with its poor reception; sometimes it seemed like it didn't want me to watch the Mets game on Saturday afternoons. But, all in all, I liked television. I still do. It's just that I like my turntable more.
Stephen Mejias  |  Jul 11, 2007  |  0 comments
It's 4:59pm. Ariel walks into my office and waves a hand.
Stephen Mejias  |  Aug 24, 2011  |  5 comments

I won’t be in the office tomorrow. I’ll be down in Hunterdon County, NJ, helping a very good friend set up a very special hi-fi system. This is big—BIG—news, but I can’t say anything else about it yet.

Speculate amongst yourselves.