The World is Crazy

Ah: Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino has fun when she’s with Ronald McDonald. Hmm. Here’s the video for Best Coast’s “When I’m With You,” directed by Pete Ohs:

Best Coast’s debut LP is due out later this year. On May 3, however, the band will release a limited-edition 7” single. To get it, you’ll have to buy a pair of super-stylish Eskuche headphones. Prices start at around $60. Eskuche?

The “33-1/3” is an on-ear headphone that draws inspiration from the industrial design of the 70s hi-fi stereo era and carefully combines it with modern audio specs. The circular earcup refers to 12” vinyl record textures, with metallic material finishes that identify with the premium audio equipment of that era.

Again: Hmm. I might have to check them out.

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Our tastes are quite sympatico in this type of music. What do you call the genre????

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Well...the more I think about how to answer this question, the more complicated it becomes in my mind. There's a sort of music that's happening now and, in my mind, it speaks of California and it has to do with beaches and it sounds like freedom and it's pretty laid-back and fairly drugged-out which makes me think of psychedelia but also makes me think of garage rock but also makes me think of girl bands and has something to do with punk rock and lo-fi, too. Some refer to it as "glo-fi" or "chillwave." For instance:

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It is quite complicated in my mind as well! So I guess we are on the right track. There is a great murky quality to the guitars and the vocals are often reverb drenched and back in the mix, it is really a very interesting aesthetic. I will check out the link you so kindly supplied. Thanks!

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Twitter post this afternoon from Best Coast: Pretty sure jimmy buffett invented chillwaveMakes sense.