The Finger Button

JGH says hello.

A-well-a...Everybody's heard about the bird. B-b-bird, bird, bird. Bird is the word…

Butch Blawd's picture

I like it. Is it for sale?

Erick Lichte's picture

Wow. That kicks ass. Keep these posts coming from the vaults. I for one find all of this just fascinating.

michaelavorgna's picture

Fascinating for me 2. Keep 'em coming!

Art's picture

This is exactly the kind of hard edge Stereophile needs to adopt. How about for next issue's cover?

RG's picture

This stuff is priceless. Hopefully the October issue will include some similiar gems.

andy_c's picture

That button is an absolute howler. Classic!It made me think of a song by the Fugs called "I am the editor of F*** You Magazine". And he was, in a way. Great stuff!

Trey's picture

Now I get it! The photo totally explains some of the crabby letters JGH wrote. For the record, I don't see how a combative attitude will bring folks into the hobby. I am sitting with my bedt bud Chris, listening to the diff between mp3 and 16/44 and 24/96 files and spinning vinyl. I think that will work much better.

andy_c's picture

Seems I may have made an error. The Fugs did a song in which one band member said "I am the editor of F*** You Magazine", but I don't think it was the title of a song. I'm going from a recollection that's over 40 years old here. However, it turns out that there actually was a "F*** You Magazine", for which a member of the Fugs, Ed Sanders, really *was* the editor. This magazine was started in 1962, the same year that Stereophile started. There is a Wikipedia entry for this magazine. Here is the link.